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  1. tropic_john

    Bristlenose Catfish

    maybe the shop you're getting them from [if all from the same place] might have a disease in the tank with the Bristlenoses'? ????
  2. tropic_john

    ! Beautiful Guppy Fry - Can Post To Mainland U.k !

    I'll temporarily stop selling fry for 7 days whilst I am unable to comment quickly and fluidly, thanks, _TJ
  3. tropic_john

    What Is Your Favourite Fish

    For me I've got a few choices; 1) Full Black Guppy [like 2008 BGA Winner] 2) Black Ghost Knife Fish 3) Red Tail Black Shark 4) Purple Fire Fish [marine]
  4. tropic_john

    7 Foot, 1074 Litres, 284 Gallons.

    If you arwe looking for an arowana, and maybe something different, have you looked at a High Back Red Tail Golden Arowana, for sale on for £650.00 [4-6 inches] or when you have enough experience [which I personally think you have enough to get one of these] a Violet Fusion Super...
  5. tropic_john

    130l Seahorse Setup

    Wow, every thread I see on the marine section of TTF wants me to set up a marine tank... but I still want a freshwater! I love marines though!
  6. tropic_john

    7 Foot, 1074 Litres, 284 Gallons.

    O.K, I'm leaving that biased debate xD :lol: I can't wait to see this beasty... I would fill it with dwarf puffers :look:
  7. tropic_john

    Some New Pictures Of My 28gal Tank!

    What is that fish near the bottom middle of the 1st Pic? A washed out false gramma? I <3 it :)
  8. tropic_john

    The Painted Guppy/ Micropoecilia Picta

    these are the samee species of fish as the eluvise red micropoecillia picta? :o wow, how cheap!!!!
  9. tropic_john

    New Babies... Oscar Nursery

    :o they havve lost loads of orange. They remind me of marble bettas, there colours just never stop changing lol
  10. tropic_john

    Orca Tl550

    there sisters ^^
  11. tropic_john

    ****what Was Your First Fish And Tank?****

    A 10Gallon with this ferocious stocking; 1 male swordtail 2 male & female golden mollies 1 red wag platy 2 male guppies 1 male fighter
  12. tropic_john


    30 leaves for £4... thats cheap!! Where did you get them from?
  13. tropic_john


    Use indian almond leaves or go out, pick up some dead oak leaves from the floor, boil till sinking, then add
  14. tropic_john

    What Country Are Fishkeepers From?

    Coventry, West Midlands in ENGLAND
  15. tropic_john

    Siamese Tiger Fish

    Here is a list of the tiger fish [not all species though];
  16. tropic_john

    Tail Shredded

    put a ping pong ball on the surface for him to chase round ????
  17. tropic_john

    7 Foot, 1074 Litres, 284 Gallons.

    There is a piece of bogwood at aquatics worl uk coventry, thats about 3 3/4 foot by 3 foot by 3 foot - £180 I think.
  18. tropic_john

    Why Did They Put It In Captivity :(

    I reckon it died from the stress of being moved, I bet they didn't acclimatise it did they :/ And probably from the light that is wasn't used to :/
  19. tropic_john

    Ammonia Vs Ammonia

    products such as ammo-lock turn ammonia into ammonium, however, both will show up on test kits... at least I think so :) ????