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    Lights Will Not Work?

    My Juwel lighting system has recently stopped working yet i dont know why. The lights themselves work fine when tested alone but when i switch on the rocker switch to turn them on they come on for about 2 seconds then go out.If i unplug the lighting then plug them back in and switch on the...
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    Plug-in Pest Controls.

    I have been looking at these new pest controllers that plug into the mains circuit and emit a vibration through the wiring in the house.They are said to be harmless to most pets and humans are unaffected but what will they do to fish? They are said to rid the household of nuisance pest such as...
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    A silly question maybe, but how do you measure a fishes length? Is it from end of tail to end of nose or just the body length minus the tail. I know it is silly but i just gotta know. :D
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    Nitrite Gone Up

    Hi all. I did a 20/25% water change yesterday and then went to bed. When i checked the tank at diner time today the fish were gasping at the surface. I checked the Ammonia and it read 0. I checked the Nitrite and it read 0.50. Why has the Nitrites gone up? I have an internal Juwel...
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    I have quite high Nitrates at the present time so i decided to but `Nitrasafe` from `Interpet`. It is a bag which you put inside the filter,rather like a large teabag. But my readings are still high and it seems to have done nothing at all to lower the levels. The packaging claims to rid the...
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    New Malawi Setup.comments Please.

    A picture of my new Malawi tank after a major re-fit from a community tank. No fish yet,just waiting for all parameters to be met.Hopefully this weekend. Please comment on anything you like, good or bad. I know the pic is a tad dark,i am just getting to grips with aquarium photography. :)
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    Ammonia/nitrite Come Back

    Yesterday i decided to rip my tank apart in preparation for a Mbuna setup.I removed all plants and took out the fish and also removed quite a bit of sand.After a good clean up i put in some ocean rock and re-filled the tank. The filter/pump/lighting etc where turned off for just over an...
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    Sizes And Lifespans

    This may seem a numb question and i no doubt it has been documented on this board many times but what is the average lifespan of Mbuna and how long does it take a juvenile to reach adulthood.? Like i said,i may appear numb. :dunno: :D
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    The Long Wait

    Hi. I am in the middle of my fishless cycle,i started about twelve days ago but three days in my filter was switched off by accident so i carried on and now it has been going for 9 days from that point. The ammonia is still high and reading the same as when i started,i was expecting the...
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    Filter Switched Off

    Hi guys. By accident last night i switched my tank off,lights,heater,filter.I meant to switch off the christmas lights and hit the wrong switch by mistake. Everything else is unaffected when i turned it on this morning,the temperature has hardly dropped so no probs there but what about the...
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    Hi. I have just installed my new Juwel vision 260 aquarium and filled it and turned on my filter. Because the filter is under the water should i not be looking to oxygenate the tank as well or have i set up wrong.The filter is working fine but no air is being generated,i this a potential...
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    New Setup.

    I am starting a new fish setup,the first for a few years as mentioned in my introduction. I am getting a Juwel vision 260 on friday and i would like to create a planted aquarium to be proud of. My question is,which substrate is best used to create a beautiful looking tank,i have read on these...
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    Hello everyone. As a newbie i would like to say a few things about myself. My name is Dave and i am from the good ole UK.Lancashire to be exact. I am 42 (cough cough) years old. I used to keep tropical fish about 20 years ago,back then i had three tanks scattered around my mum and dads...