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    Newbie Help!

    Hi Victor,sorry about the house and fish. Keep looking at this site in the Malawi section and you wont go far wrong.Also have a look at the books from Ad Konings. No need for live rocks as far as i understand,i use Ocean rock which has loads of holes and nooks and crannies for the fish to...
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    Merry Xmas To All

    Hope you all had a wonderful day,i did. I got the Ad Konings Guide to Malawi`s book as a prezzie and its a corker,highly recommended. I hope you all got what you wished for. And if i dont see you soon have yourselves a very good new year.
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    Ocean Rock

    The rock is now getting a nice colour due to algae,far better than the bleached rock when first setup. Looking good Go_fish. :good:
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    Member's African/old World Cichlid Tanks

    Just caught this thread and it sounds a great idea. :good: Annd hoo needz a speel cheackar eni ways? :lol:
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    Just Ordered Some New Equipment :p

    Nice to hear Guppy_man,you`re gonna love the new setup once its done,i did just the same earlier this year and havent looked back. :)
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    Pic Of Tank

    Nice looking tank Rod or is it Alison.You seem to suffer the same problem as me when it comes to yellowing of the photos. :) Cant see any fish yet.
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    African Mbuna ( 1 Victorian )

    Similar looking tank to mine Adam,love the Zebra. :good:
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    New Tank Mates Settling In!

    Thats a serious amount of rock you have there Go_fish,any room for water? :lol:
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    Tank Pollz

    I have a Malawi setup and had it since April and love everything about it. :)
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    Thinking Of A Change

    I agree,although 240ltrs is quite a biggish tank Cichlids grow large and soon outgrow the tank.I used to keep Blue Acara`s but you could only keep a couple because of their size.Last thing you want is to overcrowd.
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    Tank Rescape

    Yes,i just spoke to Mr.Krib and he said that `he wants a bit of peace and quiet for a week or two.Kids eh,the`re a bugger`. :D Poor Mr.Krib. :(
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    Tank Rescape

    Sure looks great D,and you say you have still some left to finish,looks purdy damn fine to me. :good:
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    My Aquarium

    Great looking tank you have there Kev,how about a closer view? :good:
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    My Community Fish Tank

    Stunning photos. :good:
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    Mr First Fish Tank

    Lovely setup Tracey,and the plants look really nice too,real or plastic it works well. :good: Maybe you should consider a background to really enhance the overall look. :)
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    From Set Up To Today

    Great looking tank and i like the before and after shots showing the look of the tank through a twelve month period. Well done Moeldner. :)
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    New Tank!

    I agree with Nick,lose the plastic plants and you will have a far nicer tank.
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    Work Has Begun On My Fish House

    You like Cory`s then do ya? :lol: Me too.
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    Work Has Begun On My Fish House

    I really have enjoyed the updates on the house Spooky,keep the pics coming mate. I dont know if you have answered this but what are your plans on heating and lighting? And what fish are you going to house? Dave.
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    Lights Will Not Work?

    Ok,i have now recieved a new replacement light unit from the nice folk who i bought my tank off and with lots of very nice communication to boot i am very pleased with the whole process,so well done to them.Thats `Pet Supermarket` from Tyneside by the way. As for Juwel,well i have heard...