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  1. Jessie J.


    Bye everyone... I am going to be inactive/leaving the forum. Good bye, and I wish you all luck with your aquariums!
  2. Jessie J.

    The betta breeding project

    he made a bubble nest and is already placing eggs in it! D- orange-tipped dark dragonscale doubletail M- turquoise veiltail
  3. Jessie J.

    Weird blue crayfish + strange patterns

    Hi everyone. My pond flooded today and got some rainwater/pond water from other places washed into it. Every year weird things wash into it (the year before last it was a huge red fish, then thousands of newts, now this). I found a crayfish struggling against the current. It is exactly the same...
  4. Jessie J.

    Best food to feed guppies?

    They should be fed small amounts of flake food once or twice a day, and maybe a few bloodworms up to three times a week. Make sure that their bellies don't get excessively large after feeding; if so thin out the feedings and put them farther apart, and don't feed that much. Good luck!
  5. Jessie J.

    55-gallon build

    I just found out that it's leaking (luckily before it was brought inside). I am going to seal it up next week, so the project is postponed.
  6. Jessie J.

    Leaking tank

    What tools would I need? I don't mind time-consuming work to get it fixed, it's a pretty big tank and fixing it might be cheaper. Thanks everyone!
  7. Jessie J.

    Leaking tank

    HI everyone; sorry if this is in the wrong section. My 55-gallon tank is leaking because of a crack in the trim. It's made is tempered glass and is waterproof everywhere else. Thank you!
  8. Jessie J.

    Easy foreground plants that won't get eaten by angels

    Anubias is a good hard-leaved plant.
  9. Jessie J.

    55-gallon build

    HI everyone! In the next few days I am going to be setting up a 55-gallon aquarium for my mollies, guppies, bettas, and other fish. Tomorrow I am going to check and make sure it holds water, then I am going to start setting it up; so it should be done sometime this month.
  10. Jessie J.

    Please Help Me Diagnose

    Maybe hole-in-the-head disease? Or a deep wound from a decoration or tight spot?
  11. Jessie J.

    Is my guppy fat or pregnant

    She looks a bit overweight, and maybe pregnant.
  12. Jessie J.

    Hermit crabs acting strange

    She has passed away. The other crabs seem fine; they get natural sunlight, and a quarter of their crabitat is in warm sun all day long.
  13. Jessie J.

    Hermit crabs acting strange

    Their enclosure has both freshwater and saltwater, and I have some red lettuce I can feed them. What do you think caused this?
  14. Jessie J.

    Hermit crabs acting strange

    Yesterday night I saw my hermit crab standing alone without her hell. I eventually coaxed her back in but she's still very weak. Any tips? I separated her from the other crabs, with a clear divider, because another crab was picking on her. Thanks!
  15. Jessie J.

    Thanks for the add

    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you with us. You have a very nice tank.
  16. Jessie J.

    Pregnant platy.. Confused fish owner

    Welcome to the forum! Can you post a picture of her? Try feeding a little less. Pregnant platies will have a wide, box-shaped belly, and if you slim down on feedings, it will be easier to tell.
  17. Jessie J.

    Biorb/Betta vacation options

    Be careful when bulking up your fish before a vacation; bettas are sensitive to overfeeding.
  18. Jessie J.

    What are your parameters? Can you start a thread in the emergency section?

    What are your parameters? Can you start a thread in the emergency section?
  19. Jessie J.

    Maybe some guppies, or otocinclus- what are your parameters?

    Maybe some guppies, or otocinclus- what are your parameters?