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    Fish Maturation And Colour Change Experiences?

    That was my jewel at the start of the year. Well, things have definitely changed! Taken a couple of days ago! A bit of an ugly duckling story if you ask me! This has been the fist fish species I've kept that has had such an intense colour change as it has aged...
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    Growing Purple Waffle And Aluminium Plant?

    I'm going to have a shot at growing these two plants emersed, the water level will be about 15cm (6"), so most of the leaves should be above the water line. Are either of these plants suitable for this purpose? I know they're not aquatic plants but I don't know what the is the maximum level of...
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    Biotope Aquariums.

    Whenever I see the word biotope my ears prick. Too often though what is presented as an Asian 'biotope', is merely a themed tank, containing something like a gourami, some rasboras, a kribensis buzzing around the bottom and bristlenose catfish lurking under some wood. A true biotope is an...
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    What Are Your Fish Keeping Pet Peeves?

    Mine...I HATE mixing species from different continents! I won't preach the extremes of biotopes but when I see brigade of platties with some dwarf gourami's, a kribensis buzzing around and some corydoras...I see RED! XD So what are your fish keeping pet peeves?
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    Can You Submit A Photo Of A Fish That You No Longer Have And Thus Can&

    I have lots of photos of my past fish, but no verification photos, is there anyway to enter these in FOTM comps?
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    Can A Feather Fin Can Fish Be Kept In A 30 Gallon Tank?

    Okay, I'M ONLY CONSIDERING OPTIONS AT THIS STAGE (just to clarify). I have a Jewel cichlid that I think is a bit stressed from lack of territorial interactions (basically bored to death). I've been trying to think of other AFRICAN RIVERINE cichlids that I could add to give it a bit of...
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    The Beehive: Bumble Bee Goby Tank In The Making. Seeking Advice For Sa

    My Bumblebee Goby tank. Need some help planning? I've set up a little tank (slightly less than 10 gallons) for a group of Bumblebee Gobies. This is the tank. Basically just river rocks, goldvine pieces and some assorted twigs and some IAL to tannin stain the water. I haven't done any...
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    How To Achieve The Appropriate Salinity For Bumble Bee Gobies?

    I just set up a tank for some bumble bee's and am wondering how much salt I should add.   The tank is roughly 10 gallons. I'll be using unionised, evaporated sea salt (the stuff like little rocks).   How much should I add? One tablespoon per 5 gallons? Two tablespoons per 5 gallons?   I don't...
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    Yellow Tail Congo Tetra Feeding Frenzy Video!

    I've finally managed to get some footage of these fish! They've been really shy but once they're in a bit of a feeding frenzy they don't notice anything!   Enjoy :D
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    Opinions On Keeping Jewel Cichlids With African Butterfly Fish?

    Do you think that a jewel cichlid would have a go at the fin filaments on a butterfly? Things to consider are that the butterfly is always at the surface and the cichlid generally closer to the bottom. My tank has a really heavy layer of surface vegetation that the butterfly hides in. The jewel...
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    My Tank Is Screaming For A Cichlid! Any Suggestions?

    I've set up a west African themed tank that currently houses 1 African butterfly fish and 8 yellow tail Congo tetras. So there's a definite top dweller, and definite mid dwellers but nothing down the bottom! So I've decided to get a solo cichlid to buzz around the bottom.    As the tank is...
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    Any Advice On How To Help A Friend Into The Hobby?

    One of my friends has asked me to help them set up a little aquarium for them. I'm happy to help as I'd rather see it done right. The person is going to be super budget conscious and just wanting to set something nano up in a very simple way. They want a yabby but I'll try to shove them cherry...
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    How Many Sparkling Gourami's In A 10 Gallon Tank?

    Planning a biotope tank similar to this:   In a 10 gallon tank, to be stocked with a group of sparkling gourami's.    What do you think is an appropriate number?
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    Yellow Tail Congo Tetra's? Anyone Had Them Before?

    I recently purchased (about 4-5 days ago) 6 yellow tail congo tetra's (3m, 3f) for my African river theme tank and have found them to be intensely shy. So much so that they'll barely feed if I'm sitting in front of the tank. They'll happily feed if I'm about 3 metres away. If they do feed while...
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    Some Of My Aquarium And Fish Photos.

    A collection of my nicer shots: Butterfly fish tank: Angel fish: Fighter: Blue Rams: Cherry Shrimp: Apistogramma Iniridae: Laetacara Curviceps: Kribensis:
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    Hello From Australia!

    Been keeping fish for a few years now, always looking to learn more and share what I can...however I'm more of a secretly lurking info leech Anyway, live about an hour south east of Melbourne, Australia. I'm 19 and of to study science and liberal arts at uni in a few weeks time with a major in...