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  1. tropic_john

    Your Bedroom...

    O.K, Since we have roques gallery etc.. lets show off our bedrooms :P No tidying upp beforehand! I'll post my pics when they upload. :) :shifty:
  2. tropic_john

    Looking For A Popular Fish To Breed

    O.K, So I feel I'm experienced enough in breeding guppies that I can now move on to a harder species to breed. I would like to breed a fish that can be kept in a 10US Gallon tank [pics later] the tank has been cycled for about 1 year and now and has fish in it too. The substrate is gravel, there...
  3. tropic_john

    My Birthday Tommorow! :)

    Lol, just to let everyone know, its my 13th birthday tommorow :shout: Lol, I'm so sad making a thread to let people know its my birthday. So what, I've made it now :) _TJ
  4. tropic_john

    Why Do People Use Cat Litter?

    Hi all, I've been trying to figure out why loads of people have the bottom of their tank with cat litter clay and capped with a substrate [usually sand]? Does cat litter clay help hold plants down or something? Cheers, John.
  5. tropic_john

    Id This Fish From Aquarium

    so, I was in france with my school, and happened to visit a french aqurium and I took this pic of a fish which I\'m trying to figure out what it is... Ideas; Red Banded Snapper And This Is The Fish We're Trying To ID
  6. tropic_john

    Female Guppy Has Finrot?

    Tank size: 10 US Gallons pH: 7.2 ammonia: 0.00 nitrite: 0.00 nitrate: 0.20 kH: 7-9 d gH: 10d [Roughly] tank temp: 26c Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): Female guppy seems to have her tail falling off as stringy pieces Volume and...
  7. tropic_john

    Arghh! Little Kids Who Feed Fish :l

    O.K, my little cousine [4 yrs old] came round mine with his uncle and my dad and his dad were chatting away, he asked if he could feed one of the tanks of fish, I gave him some flakes to put in, LEFT THE TUB OF FOOD ON THE SHELF, went to the toilet and found him putting more food in! :crazy...
  8. tropic_john

    Bargain Tank Near Me!

    Hi all, as with most people, I now have mts [at the age of 12!!!] And am hopefull of getting another tank for my 13th birhday [in 14 days] and a juwel rio has turned up on ebay within 5 miles of me for £50.00 [starting bid!!!] anther rio for £75.00 within 5 miles, and a juwel vision for £20.00...
  9. tropic_john

    Turning 10 Gallon Tank Marine - Shall I Use The Filter...?

    O.K, So I might be allowed to turn a 10g guppy tank marine. I use the hood filter as guppies aren't that much of a bioload and they are usually sold quite quickly :) I'm thinking about using the current hood filter it has as a place to put rowaphos [if needed] and live rock rubble. So here is...
  10. tropic_john

    Tropical Guide [5 Gallon Tanks] - E-book

    Equipment: Tropical Guide - 5 Gallon Tanks Age and condition: New - I will e-mail it to you Quantity for sale: N/A Reason for Sale: To Help Others Delivery or Collection: I e-mail this Sales price: Free. But Feel Free To Donate Pennies To My PayPal Account;] Postage &...
  11. tropic_john

    Look At These For Sale On Ebay

    O.K For £64.99 you can own the book of every single livebearer in the world [rays and everything!] for £99.99 you can own the book of every single killifish in the world for £75.99 you can own the book of every single south american cichlids in the world all on last-trading-post book section...
  12. tropic_john

    What Language Are Scientific Names

    I'm just wondering as I have started to learn latin at school and I know that names of plants are latin so are animals scientific names in latin? If so I have a great start in the fishy names :P
  13. tropic_john

    Does Your Microworm Culture Smell?

    Hi, I've just set my microworm culture up in an utterly butterful tub :P and I'm just wondering, does anybody elses microworms smell, and I mean not in a nice way? Thanks, John.
  14. tropic_john

    Does Limnophilia Float

    Hi, just wndering if limnophilia floats, as I'm ordering some of helterskelter and I am planning at putting some at the back of my tanks and some floating and planted in my fry tanks [if it floats] and does it need co2 to live etc... as I hav normal lights and no co2 [I haven't got any planted...
  15. tropic_john

    Livebearers Photo Sharing Thread

    So, since the clubs being shut down and the sub-forum updates, I've decided to make a thread in which people can share pictures of their livebearers, or any livebearers they have seen or have pictures of. So let the sharing begin! Picture One; Half Black Rainbow Moscows - I Created This Strain...
  16. tropic_john

    Tropic_john Can Taste The Salt

    So.... The time has come... John is going to turn to the salty side [whilst still having a livebearer tank and livebearer fry tank for my brother :)] I'm thinking, a rio 125 or rio 180 or if I really have to, a trigon corner :blink: :blush: the tank will be a reef tank [with 1 or 2 fish] to...
  17. tropic_john

    Good Quote/motto For A Fish Auction Site

    as the title says, I need Good a Quote/Motto For A Fish Auction Site. Suggestions please :) Got to be quite funny, quirky and catchy :D
  18. tropic_john

    Lets Make An!

    Go to the thread about this idea in the tropical discussion or by clicking the link; This is a great idea that should be considered. Click Here To Get To The Thread!
  19. tropic_john

    Wanted; Straight Or Twisted Vallis

    Wanted: Straight Or Twisted VallisNumber Wanted; A Few Stems Condition Required; Healthy Price Limit; Offer A Price To Me [I'll Pay For P+P Aswell] Location; I'm In Coventry I just want A Few stems of twisted or straight vallis to spruce up my tank :D :P :hey:
  20. tropic_john

    Anyone Use The Tropical Fish Store Uk [online]?

    I'm thinking about buying some stuff from dartford aquatics online [they call it the tropical fish store] and has anyone used it and if so, is it any good? Cheers :good: John :shifty: