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  1. PC1963

    Please Help Id Group Of These Cories

    Just bought from Petco yesterday, a group of 7 they are a little different in the group. Some of them are longer nose and one of them wider head but all the same pattern and mark. They sell as spot cory. :crazy:
  2. PC1963

    Fish In A Bowl

    My new fishbowl :P , just got new addition last week. :hyper: :hyper: 6 C. Oiapoquensis adults 17 little C. similis They are cute little fish. Picture in the tank
  3. PC1963

    Cory Just Enjoy The Pictures

    Some of my collection Feeding time sterbai unknown Virginiae Dinner time Cory Big Mama Have fun
  4. PC1963

    My New Brochis

    Just pick up 4 of Brochis britskii this week and they are now with B. multriradiatus [Hog nose]. They are huge fish and blending in with Cory real well. B. multiradiatus B. britskii & B. multiradiatus
  5. PC1963

    Some Of My Cories

    Just happend to see them resting after lunch time [on the beach] :rolleyes: another picture
  6. PC1963

    Panda In Lfs

    Today I went to LFS and see the Long fins Panda a little one and odd looking. :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: The results from Human play with Nature :no: :no: :no: :sad: :sad: :sad:
  7. PC1963

    Cory And Porthole

    Anyone have and keeping cory in the same tank with Porthole. I just get a few of Flagtail porthole [dianema urostriata] wondering the Porthole with hurt the cory. Theyare much larger than cory. It is very nice looking fish. But the size 4-5.5 :hyper: :crazy: :crazy: inch. Another picture
  8. PC1963

    Wild Stebai

    My new addition Adult wild sterbai, arrived yesterday I did order ten of adult size 2.5 inch. They are on skiny size but right now I'm feeding with live black worm and frozen blood worm to beef them up. They are in the tank after one day. One day after settle down.
  9. PC1963


    I just got two of C. haraldschultzi this week and color was much more golden color than what I have, anyone have any idea!!!!
  10. PC1963

    My Cory Tank

    Let see your fish tank and little Cory you have :shout: :wub: :lol: Corydoras loretoensis Corydoras pinheiroi
  11. PC1963

    New Arrive C. 121

    Here are my new Cory C. 121 just delivery this evening and doing well start feeding. They are my quarantine tank at the moment. They are all adult size. :good:
  12. PC1963

    Abino Spawn With Pepperd

    Hi Finally the Albino spawn with another Albino and Peppered this evening and I have to remove them from community tank and set up for spawn tank for them. So I assuming that Albino that I question early about this Cory, Guess it is Peppered Albino Stain. Got some photo, but not sure about an...
  13. PC1963

    What Kind Of This Cory?

    Hi, Could anyone let me know what kind of this Cory? It wild cought from Peru, I has two of these about three weeks ago. It is Corydoras melini or Corydoras davidsandsi and what different between these two. It looks similar to me. Thank you
  14. PC1963

    Breeding Corydoras

    Has anyone try to Cross Breeding Corys. For example Albino VS Sterbai or with Panda. I would like to know if possible and anyone sucessfull. Right now I has big Fat Albino female ready to spawn and she need boy friend, I do have a male Albino but want to know another kind of cory will able to...
  15. PC1963

    Where I Can Find These Cory?

    Hi everyone, I'm new babies here, this site very helpfull and great information. I love corys and got quite a few on my 90 Gal tank. I'm looking for Corydoras Seussi, Corydoras Gossei and Corydoras Adolfoi If anyone know where to buy or order please let me know. Thank you