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  1. ReMz

    15G Fluval Flex PUFFERS!

    Heyo guys! I have already documented this tank somewhat whilst asking for some advice on stocking ideas. Since then, I have decided on what I wanted to do and started building this tank exactly how I wanted. I thought it would be fun to start this thread as day 1, setting up the tank, even...
  2. ReMz

    15 Gallon Fluval Flex Stocking

    Hey guys! So I just picked up this Fluval Flex 15g on sale with NO IDEA what I want to put in it. I am completely open to suggestions and ideas. I have already added quick start to get it going and will be doing an instant cycle with mature filter media when I add fish. Some of you might not...
  3. ReMz

    Bristlenose Destroying Wood

    Whelp. This is a new one for me. I have never owned a Bristlnose. He (she?) Was introduced to a 2 month old (cycled it with old filter media) tank after I intentionally let the algae get a bit wild. Even had a bit of a bacteria bloom going on that I just left alone. Bristlenose didn't really...
  4. ReMz

    10 Planted Tank Done Right (Again!)

    Haha ! Had to stick with my previous naming convention.   So the background on this one:   New LFS opened and had a killer deal on a new 10g with glass lid, filter, and large can of tetra flakes. Saw it.... thought about my 5g that Tails (my betta was in)... no brainer. Brought it home. Also...
  5. ReMz

    Meet Tails (Or Socks?)

    Saved this dude (and I say dude cuz it fits his look) the day after I got Finley -   This guy was my other choice and I couldn't live with myself not hooking him up with a great home when I had that means.   Just...
  6. ReMz

    Interest In A Signature Design And Graphics Section

      Just throwing a feeler out there to see how many members would be interested in having a section on the forums where graphic requests could be made.   This would be anything along the lines of: Graphics help (uploading images, profile images, signatures) Signature design topics (i.e. custom...
  7. ReMz

    Meet Finley - Unexpected Marble

    Been a while since I have kept a betta. Figured it was time to have another happy guy   Started like this in the cup at the LFS.... he was pretty stunning, but less so than some of the other guys. So many imperfections, I just had to have him.     Immediately acclimated and was eating. annnnd...
  8. ReMz

    10G Betta Tank Done Right

    Uh oh...   found this in the garage. ... more pics and updates to come.           On the search for a local betta. Tank mates tbd
  9. ReMz

    Old Member - Reintroduction

    Hey - have chatted with a few of you guys.   Old member from back in the day. Back on the forums and loving what this community has turned into. Definitely has grown, but the core of the forum is still the same.   My tanks have changed a bit over the years I have been off the forums.   When I...
  10. ReMz

    Remz Is Back

    Seeing as I've made an impromptu visit to the forums and have been caught... Might as well make a fun thread in the betta section about it! :hyper: :fun: Nobody wants to hear about my boring collegiate career and how I've been super busy crashing wallstreet ( ;) ) .... so I've decided a new...
  11. ReMz

    A Few Of My Tanks *video*

    Thought it was about time i uploaded these vids. Dodger and Cheebah are now youtube fishies :P Same room/fish... 2 different videos. I was being indecisive. :rolleyes:
  12. ReMz

    Cheebah Update

    He's certainly living up to his second name "Firecracker". Hasn't stopped flaring at the corners of the tank. 6-8 hours of flaring like a banshee is just an introduction to his personality. He is certainly weary of the camera though..... so the best shots I could muster... When he first came...
  13. ReMz

    Oscar Pup.... *pics*

    Just a quick update on Pumba..... He was a silly little guy that drew me in...... Then he turned into a nightmarish "bringer of mayhem" :lol:. Gotta love O's. Pics from when he was a young'n: and some sloppy pics taken tonight: Turns out the awesome juvenile patten didn't last :(.
  14. ReMz

    Tri-tail Betta!

    Was browsing around Petco earlier tonight and came across a Triple Tail Betta. I'm not sure if it was fin damage... but it looked pretty convincing. Greenish-blue on the fins and copper body. :o :o :o I'm going back tomorrow first thing in the AM. ReMz might have the newest ultimate strain...
  15. ReMz - Betta Section

    EDIT: More pics further down on page 1 :) Ayayaya..... Stopped back in here after being gone for a while...... got the bettaholic ideology in the back of my mind.... drove by a fish store........ stopped in for fun...... Sound familiar? :P So I have a new guy :P. There were actually 5 that I...
  16. ReMz

    Bettas Are Like House Plants

    "Growing plants indoors is a bit like raising pet fish. While a collection of exotic tropical specimens can be a real challenge to care for, almost anyone can keep a bowl of goldfish alive indefinitely. Here, then, are the goldfish of the indoor plant world ― 10 house plants that Sunset's garden...
  17. ReMz

    3 Of My Tanks

    I'm just getting into planted tanks.... so some of these are just a "start". Comments and critiques are very welcome. 75 Gallon Oscar tank: Old layout- Just redone today (only so much I can do in a tank that gets destroyed every week :P) 30 Gallon Angel tank: and my 10g Betta/oto...
  18. ReMz


    So I actually ended up SHATTERING my 10gallon tank accidentally this weekend with Dodger and the Otos still in it! :blink: The events leading up to it were quite comical... but the results were disastrous. Before I get into it though, Dodger is 100% OK and as happy as ever (tough little...
  19. ReMz

    Big Betta Begging To The Extreme

    Well.... this was too funny. Normally he hides when he sees the camera, but Pumba decided he hadn't had enough food yet. You've seen the betta wiggle... but have u seen the Oscar wiggle? :P Certainly off topic.... but maybe i'll inspire more betta enthusiasts to pursue other fish keeping...
  20. ReMz

    Ufc, Wec, Cage Fighting

    Anyone here follow MMA fighting? If you do, you'll understand the following rant (couple hours delayed as i had it Tivo'd). FABER **** WHAT HUH HOW BLAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! lol. He was so explosive and .... and... inhuman... quite possibly the most agile I've ever seen him in his career. I have...