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  1. Barb-barian

    Peat Moss As Filter Media

    I have this idea that I can switch out the carbon on my HOB filter for peat moss.  I have these sheets of filter sponge that I was going to use as a casing for the peat moss and sew it up so it doesn't go anywhere.  I've read that peat moss will help reduce the pH in my water and since my tap is...
  2. Barb-barian

    My 60G Cichlid Tank Planted....whaaa?!

    As mentioned in the title its a 60g tank with mostly mbuna cichlids.  I'm experimenting with plants to see if I can get them to work.  I have valisneria and anubias both of which are surrounded by rocks to help keep the cichlids from pushing them around.  The vals are struggling a bit but I...
  3. Barb-barian

    Diy Sump

    I was wondering if anyone could link me a good site on how to build your own sump or if you want to tank the time to explain it that would be great too. I have a 60g FW cichlids tank that I would love to set this up for.   I was also wondering if it would be possible to use that sump as a...
  4. Barb-barian

    Canister Maintenance

    i was wondering if anyone had any good tips about canister maintenance.  Im thinking i should alternate what media i change out to keep that good bacteria around and my LFS suggested i change the O ring on it.  Thats about as far as i could find.  Any and all tips n tricks that you can think of...
  5. Barb-barian

    Golden Ram And Pairing

    I have a male golden ram who is full size or darn close in a 20g tank. I was wondering if it was possible to get him to pair up with a blue ram? I've heard some mixed reviews from LFS so I wanted to see if anyone actually knows anything about these guys.  Thanks in advance for the help
  6. Barb-barian

    Demasoni/ Yellow Lab Combo

    Im looking at getting this set up for my 60g tank that is cycled  Demasoni x12 yellow lab x4 peacock x2   would love some input on this combo
  7. Barb-barian

    Panda Corys And Dwarf Lobster

    My lady has a few panda corys in her tank now and fell in love with the Mexican dwarf lobster while at a shop.  We were curious if this could work out? My logic is that the dwarf lobster will only get to be 1.5-2 inches big so he will be about the same size of the corys.  They are both active at...
  8. Barb-barian

    Cycling A Tank Look For Some Suggestions

    Started cycling a 60g long and since i'm new to cichlids i thought i would ask the interwebs for some advice.  i'm looking to get some of the 5 inch variety or at least around there.  i have been looking around the different shops and websites to see what kinds i like. i really like the peacocks...
  9. Barb-barian

    Howdy All, New In Town

    Hi all decided to interact with everyone after reading so much from these forums.  Also get to show off my tank and fishy friends.   I have two tanks a 36g bow-front and a 60g which is currently being cycled   The 36g was my first tank as an adult and has been an awesome learning experience...