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    Uv Sterilizers.......

    I really want one of those. I have not had any problems with my tanks but would love the knowlege that I do not need to worrie so much.
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    How Many Fish?

    I have seen these. The White clouds will look great in there!
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    18lb Common Carp

    Nice catch! I love to fish but have not had the time this year. :/
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    Ich? Or Something Else?

    You need to do a water change of 25% now, them go to the 10%. You use Aqurium salt never table.
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    Silly Question

    b A t a Caps are long .
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    Cave Man!

    It can take up to 20 years for clowns to reach full size. I have had mine for 5 years and are now reaching 4.5". If your clowns ever out grow your tank you can return them to a LFS for some really good cash. A friend took her 6" in and got $45 a head. So with that in mind no he is not...
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    5g Tank With The Works

    Sparkling Gourami, otto cat, 3 pygmy cory cats and a couple cherry shrimp. Yup slightly over stocked but with a planted tank and reg. water changes it will work.
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    Guess What I Got

    Dean its great you got a new tank! You could move your moors over to it and put the cory and other trops in the 10 gal. If you still have your hillstream loach it would be better in this tank also. Get a powerhead and put a Quik Clean filter on it near the bottom of you tank to keep it happier...
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    Fish Food

    My Dojo, Clown loaches and goldfish love bananas! They go nuts for it.
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    Selling My Tank

    I would pay 50 to 75 for that set up US.
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    Just Looking At Filters And

    :S What fish are you wanting to put in what tank, and what allready in there? Lets put it this way 12 1" fish like minnows would be fine in a 10 gal. 12 1" gold fish in a 10 gal would not. So it comes down to what are you stocking.
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    Piranhas At Walmart

    Do they have spots? I did not think so.:huh: I do know they are not Black Pacu. From what I understand about the fish trade when large batches come in from over sea. They are not vary carfully looked at. For that same reasone you can find HM betta in WallMart once in a great while. The LFS here...
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    For Those Of You That Are Freshwater Only...

    As soon as you can get most of the fish farm raised I will get into the hobby. As for know I like to leave the fish where they are.
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    Aquaclear 50 Making A Strange Noise O.o

    All it takes is just one small sand. Some times all I have to do is dump the water out of it and it works fine again. How high off the sand bed is your up take? I raised mine and have cut way back on the problem, until the Dojo loach has fun right under it digging again!
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    Piranhas At Walmart

    Piranhas are not legal in the state of CA. Alot of pet animals that are legal else where are not here. From what I understand WallMart does not "carry" piranhas. They come in with the red belly pacus as pacus.
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    Don't Ream Me For This...

    You could look into setting him up in a rubbermaid or stock water tank for awile. Not the best looking things in the wolrd but the pleco do look nice looking down on them. I am setting one up right now for a RedDevil. a 100 gal stock tank is costing us $50. Then we are going to add rocks gravel...
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    I So Wana Go Here

    I just found a care sheet on how to keep a Gold Fish in a bowl! It may be a nice store but that is a big NO! Why would a store that is this big with as much training as they say they have tell people this is OK?
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    Aquaclear 50 Making A Strange Noise O.o

    What do you use as your gravel? I use sand and that is the noise I get when a grain of sand gets in it.
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    Piranhas At Walmart

    I was looking at the fish today at Walmart and in with the red belly pacu are 4 fish that have no spots with a much bigger underbite. As they are not a legal in the state of CA I was a little shocked. Talking to there fish guy he looks in and bags them in a hurry and tells me that they come in...
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    Dangerous Dog

    ROLFLMAS!!!!!!! Do you think they make one for American Bull Dogs? :shifty: