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    Hopefully My Last Piece Of Advice Is Needed Before I Start My Tank :)

    It's nigh on impossible to keep stable CO2 with the Optimat system. All you do is manually fill the cylinder and then it enters the water at its own rate. You'll need two fills per day to keep some form of CO2 entering the water. Far far better off going DIY with two cannisters or splashing...
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    Ei Dosing - Making One Stock Solution?

    You'll have to do some simple maths to work out how much of each to add to a relevant amount of water. You could simply mix them all up seperately as per the instructions then stick the 3 mixed solutions into one larger bottle (or easier work out how much water you need to mix all three, put...
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    How To Combat Flat And Boring Lighting!

    My main concern is heat build-up - does reversing the reflector in the Juwel tank not lead to a huge heat build up on the plastic hood? Same may go for parcel tape, though that is slightly worrying incase any dampness on the tape lets the glue drip into the water, perhaps not a good idea unless...
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    Trouble With Pants

    65watts is fine providing you are also able to sort out some stable CO2 addition alongside decent fertilisation such as the Estimative Index (see pinned thread). Hit much beyond 1.5wpg on a tank your size and algae will love you unless you cater for the plants properly. No CO2 and default...
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    My Ei 15 Gallon - Rescape

    No more piccies yet, should take some - the moss and fern are filling out well, the UG is taking its time to do anything beyond get a bit leggy, it's been in few weeks now, I'm hoping it will start to spread soon. If it doesn't work out then I'll try some HC but I am being patient! Not going...
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    To Much Co2 I Think What Now(pics

    You want small bubbles, they will dissolve into the water better than large ones, though many may still reach the surface. A ladder is something the bubbles move up in a zig-zag maximising their contact time with water, letting more CO2 get into the water from the bubble. A difuser (check...
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    Need Help With Tank Lights Think Its Causin Algae

    Unless you are running stable CO2 and something like the Estimative Index fertilisation routine (see pinned thread) you will get algae - that is a fair bit of light for a tank that size.
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    Flourish Exxcel
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    My Ei 15 Gallon - Rescape

    The TetraTec is in my opinion superb, very very quiet and very well put together. I got mine from and saved loads on the UK price, delivered for less than £45. They also do Eheim aswell, worth checking out.
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    Co2 And Kh?

    From experience I found the Tetra Optimat thing useless. I have no concept how on earth you can maintain stable CO2 with it, let alone regulate what level this is. The DIY kit should be better, you can alter the amount of sugar/yeast to get 30ppm, and using two bottles of mix (swap one Wed one...
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    The Dreaded Algae......

    My opinion? Waste of money. I now use natural algae removal - otocinclus and shrimp, though (tempting fate here in my new scape!) algae is minimal in my tank for other reasons (Estimative Index and stable CO2). For physical removal I would use a simple scraper tool from your local pet shop...
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    Long "spike" On Amazon Sword

    It may be a flower stalk?
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    Seachem Flourish Excel

    What about the new cheaper version from someone else who I forget? Also on AquaEssentials, CarboPlus or something? Same ingredients as Flourish Excel as far as I know.
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    My Ei 15 Gallon - Rescape

    Jaqno CO2 'Mixer' arrived today. Seems simple but well made which is contrary to what I have seen others say. The CO2 enters the cylinder as normal bubbles (suggesting this would work fine with DIY setups) and there is an angled cut in the filter intlet pipe which I am guessing causes the...
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    Lighting :d

    I'd be surprised if 1.5wpg wasn't fine for HC. CO2 and decent fertiliser would help too.
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    My Ei 15 Gallon - Rescape

    Fish are sensitive eh? Two days after moving my 4 pygmy cory into the new scape and they have significant fun producing eggs everywhere! That is with full EI dosing from day one too.....think one of my bororas maculata had its tail nipped somehow (maybe in the filter outlet tube gaps?)...
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    Jbl Co2 Set Easy 1

    I got the D-D set for £100 delivered via only additional cost was £5 for a timer and £5 for a diffuser via eBay (spend £100 and get free delivery so order something tiny like a £1 airline connector). This kit has cylinder, solenoid (save CO2 at night), bubble counter etc...
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    Help With Co2 Please

    I believe the PFK CO2 giveaway is small for your tank. Plus, add loads of light and CO2 but miss nutrients (NP and K will be essential at higher light levels) and you will not be able to grow plants any better than without CO2. Light drives CO2 needs, then drives nutrient needs - miss...
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    Old Member, New Moderator

    Good choice! I was trying to guess who would be chosen, well done!
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    Nutrafin Co2

    The sachets are rubbish, check the pinned thread on how to make a DIY mix from sugar and yeast, works much better and is much cheaper than buying the sachets!