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  1. cmhassinger

    Fluval timer suggestions

    I have a 5g fluval with the light that was included. I am looking for a timer that would allow me to do the sunrise/sunset settings. I have a basic cheap one that will just turn off and on but was hoping to find something better. Evetything online doesn’t seem to be compatible. Any suggestions...
  2. cmhassinger

    Zebra Snail help

    I was so excited to finally find a nerite snail at my local Fish store I didn’t even notice the shell was broken! Will this harm him in anyway? And what type of calcium could I give them to help repair it? a petco employee told me once I can give regular tums. If that right? And will that harm...
  3. cmhassinger

    Algae help!

    So for a few months now I have been battling some algae some black and some green. It’s been on the walls and all over the drift wood and plants. It’s killing my plants and now I am worried it’s hurting my fish. I try to scrub it off and it doesn’t really remove easily from plants without...
  4. cmhassinger

    My endler changes his look?

    Ok someone please tell me I’m not crazy! :crazy: So the other day I notice my endler looked different and he had more black towards his face. Today I take a picture of him and he looks normal and I honestly forgot about the additional black spot and then I look at him 2 hours later and the...
  5. cmhassinger

    7 week old Endler feedings

    I have 10 Endlers that are almost 7 weeks old now. How many times a day should they be eating? When they were born I saw several times a day so I have been doing 3 times a day but don’t know how long to do that for or if that’s to much? Thanks!
  6. cmhassinger

    Does my Red Rili Shrimp have a disease?

    So a few days ago I noticed my shrimp has some yellowing under his shell. At first my thought was it’s the fish food but after looking at it I guess that’s not possible because of where it is? Maybe this is a silly question but I just want to make sure he is ok and doesn’t have a disease.
  7. cmhassinger

    Cardinal Tetra pregnant?

    So I have some tetras that’s I haven’t had for long and one is looking pretty fat... lol from what I see online it’s hard to tell the male and female apart so I don’t know if it’s a female. And if it is a female I also read it was hard for tetras to spawn in a normal tank?
  8. cmhassinger

    New fry and injured shrimp

    so something happened to my little red crystal shrimp I think maybe his legs and antenna are broken. :( So I moved him to a net breeder because I didn’t want the other shrimp to try and pick on him. He is in another spot this morning so I guess he is still alive! Well this morning I have endler...
  9. cmhassinger

    What type of snail?

    So I have a tiny tank I have been wanting to shut down since it’s empty but I did notice a snail in it so I let it run. I don’t see any other snails and it’s been in there at least 2-3 weeks and it’s grown fast I think. Does anyone know if it’s a good or bad snail? If it’s good I’ll save it and...
  10. cmhassinger

    Good or bad snail?

    So even though I tried hard to keep snails out of my tank.. I see that two have made it in. I have been keeping them out because I just don’t know if they are bad or good. But now that I see two I figured I would learn more about it before making my decision to remove them. They are very tiny...
  11. cmhassinger

    How many Otos in a 5gallon

    I currently have 2 shrimp and 1 Oto in a 5 gallon. Can I add another Oto? Or is that to many bottom feeders.
  12. cmhassinger

    Best plants for Endlers and shrimp

    So I just got a new tank for Christmas which I’m super excited about it’s 5 gallons and I want to add live plants and driftwood. I have 2 Endlers, 1 Oto and 2 shrimp. What are the best plants to add? Also with planted plants how do you clean the gravel or do I need special substrate? maybe...
  13. cmhassinger

    Cherry shrimp dropped eggs

    So I have two shrimp one cherry and one what I thought/was told was a Amano shrimp. I didn’t know the sexes but one day I saw a sac of yellow eggs on a leaf. After research I now know my cherry is a female but from reading online they can’t breed with a Amano shrimp? My sucker fish ate the eggs...
  14. cmhassinger

    Endler male/female ratio

    I have a small tank just 3.5 gallons and had no intention of breeding. But when I wanted to buy another livebearer to add to my existing male red fire endler the store would only sell me a pair. So now I have 2 males and 1 female. Will this be a problem to have the 3 together in one tank?