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  1. King puff

    What deficiencies?

    I am dosing with nilo g thrive every other day and have co2. The plants leaves curl as they age. The giant hygros leaves come out deformed. What can dose to fix this?
  2. King puff

    Water wisteria issues

    so my 10 gallon dirted tank has been up and running for about a year. The water wisteria was doing great at first but then seemed to get stunted and grew much slower. Why is this? (No ferts, co2. Just dirt)
  3. King puff

    Ro or rodi water

    I tested my tap with a tds meter and it came out at over 500 ppm. Even worse, my tanks were over 600! I am thinking about converting to ro or rodi water. I have a re mineralizer which I plan on using. If i use this with rodi will it effect my plants? Would using ro or rodi be the same if I’m...
  4. King puff

    How many multis?

    i have a 15 gallon and am wondering how many multis shell dwellers I can put. I am not putting any other fish.
  5. King puff

    stocking my 15 gallon planted

    How does this sound: 12 chili rasboras, 6 Asian stone catfish, 2 pom pom crabs, 2 clown killies, 2 gold neon dwarf gobies, and one or two scarlet badis. Keep in mind that it will be heavily planted by the time I add the fish and I do 50% water changes weekly on all my tanks. Ps: Im back in the...
  6. King puff

    No filter, ferts, or co2 dirted tank

    Its been a while since I posted but I recently got another tank! I have been dying to try out a no co2, ferts, or filter dirted tank and have finally done it. Brace yourself! I was surprised too!!! This was the picture I was sent while on vacation. I plan to clean it up when I get home...
  7. King puff

    Betta in outdoor pond?

    I have recently started an outdoor pond. There is nothing in it and I would love to add some fish. I was researching different fish but none of them seemed to fit the conditions. Because we live in Arizona, the pond does get relatively warm (summers will heat up the water to high 80s low 90s)...
  8. King puff

    moving my ram to a community tank?

    I have had my female German Blue Ram in a 10 gallon tank for about a year now. Ever since getting her I have wanted to put her in my 29 community tank. The tank is very heavily planted and has 5 white clouds, 7 black neon tetras, a BN pleco, and a rainbow goby. The 10 gallon is a sand...
  9. King puff

    Finrot, again!?

    I have had my German Blue for almost half a year now. She is in a 10 gallon tank with a South American Bumblebee catfish (they have never had a problem). Ever since I got her, I have been doing 50% water changes every week. One week I had to skip the water change and noticed her pectoral fins...
  10. King puff

    What's wrong with my plants!

    I am not sure what is causing my plants to look like this. First let's start with the water lettuce. I got this a few months ago and it was doing great. Soon, it exploded in number and this is when everything started going downhill. The leaves started becoming small and yellow at the tips and...
  11. King puff

    Haven't posted in a while. Why? My new pets!

    The next step to planted tanks. To the land! Almost all plants are aquatic but can thrive in very humid environments. Stocking consists of two female dendrobates leucomelas and a large variety of micro fauna which live in the water and on land. Some of which include tropical woodlouse and...
  12. King puff

    Bristlenose for my 29 gallon?

    I have always loved Plecos and algae eaters because of the diversity and interesting looks. Because of the small size of the bristlenose Pleco, I though it might be a good addition for my 29 gallon. The stocking is 5 white clouds, 7 black neon tetras, one kuhlii loach, and one rainbow styphodon...
  13. King puff

    Minimizing surface agitation for floating plants.

    I recently bought some dwarf water lettuce for my aquarium. Because of my HOB filter, the plants are getting clumped in one area. I used Nick Au's idea with the straws around the outtake but it does not minimize the surface agitation, just prevents the plants from getting pushed under water. I...
  14. King puff

    Collected flying insects for fish?

    I am positive that everyone here has had a fly in their house at least once. Are wild insects safe for fish to eat? I feed my fish small flies that they can swallow which they seem to love. Is this ok? I feel like it brings out the instinct in them. I feel like it is fine unless the insect...
  15. King puff

    Finnex 24/7 planted plus agustments

    This is more directed towards people who have used this light before. I recently got this light. Before this, I had a grow light that was not for an aquarium for a few weeks. I think this has stunted growth and caused some brush algae. Will the new light be too bright? What agustments should I...
  16. King puff

    Is rotting driftwood beneficial?

    I have a nice piece of manzanita wood in my tank. While cleaning some cotton like stuff off of it, I noticed that it was soft and pieces were being broken off. I decided that this piece of driftwood is rotting and am not sure if it is bad or not. I think it is fine to leave it in the tank...
  17. King puff

    29 gallon community

    For people who read my thread about best food for Bolivian Rams, you would recall our discussion about my 29 gallon tank. I was talking to Byron and he said that I should re-home my Chinese algae eater, pea puffer, and kuhlii loach. Re-homing the kuhlii loach due to not having a large enough...
  18. King puff

    Best food for Bolivian Rams.

    I just recently bought two Bolivian Rams for my 10 gallon (already paired) and was wondering exactly what to feed them. I have tetra color tropical flakes along with bloodworms and brine shrimp. I was planning on getting cichlid flakes but my LFS did not have any in stock at the moment. I fed...
  19. King puff

    Natural fish that live with angelfish?

    What natural fish live with Altum angelfish. Im am particularly wondering about the ones from the Rio Negro and branching waterways of the Amazon. I know rummynose tetras, and other species of characids live with them. What about bottom dwellers. Corys, plecos?
  20. King puff

    Stocking suggestions for 75 gal.

    I will soon be getting a 75 gallon and am thinking about what to put in it. I was thinking some Lake Taganyika cichlids like neolaprologus bricardi. I was also thinking about maybe a Senegal bichir or a striped gar. What are your thoughts?