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  1. -cAtFiSh-

    Ferret Sleeping In An Awkward Position!

    This is our ferret Lucifer sleeping upside down. He has a variety of sleeping places available, this one is his bean bag filled with old shirts (instead of beans). This was taken on a camera phone hence the bad quality. You get the idea.
  2. -cAtFiSh-

    Aggressive (?) Clown Loach

    My boyfriend and I have 5 clown loaches in a 4 foot tank. We bought them when they were about 3cm. One in particular has grown quite rapidly and is about 6cm now. The others are around 4cm. I have noticed that the big one has been particularly aggressive towards the other loaches. Just then s/he...
  3. -cAtFiSh-

    My Bird Is Unwell :(

    My budgie/budgerigar/parakeet is not well. I noticed he wasn't really eating a few days ago. Right now he is very weak and inactive. He is about 7 years old. Does anyone know what could be wrong with him? Could it just be old age? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. -cAtFiSh-

    Sick Ferret

    My boyfriend and I have two male ferrets. They are just over 2 years old (though we have only had them about 6 months). They are both desexed and we worm them every month. They have a constant supply of good quality dry cat food with a high protein content. We tried feeding them mince but they...
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    I love cicadas. They are so pretty :D And then he climed up onto my shoulder and sat there for ages.
  6. -cAtFiSh-

    Fish Suggestions

    I'm planning on giving my tank a big make-over. Since I have had my neons and harlequins for several years I need something a little more interesting. So I shall be taking them to my LFS. To replace them I am going to get an African Butterfly fish (been wanting one for ages) and possibly one or...
  7. -cAtFiSh-

    Would This Be Possible?

    I have a 24ish gallon high tank (2ft long by 1ft wide by..something high..not sure of the exact dimensions) and in it I just have harlequins, neons and a bn pleco. I've had the harlequins and neons for a few years and I'm wanting something a little more...interesting I guess. So I was thinking...
  8. -cAtFiSh-

    African Butterfly Fish

    I'm interested in getting an African Butterfly fish. However, I have Harlequin rasboras... What would be the likelihood of them getting eaten?
  9. -cAtFiSh-

    Chain/dwarf Loach

    I'm considering getting some chain loaches. I have read about them on the Internet and a few sites have said that they are sensitive to water conditions that may not be ideal for them. Just wondering if anyone who keeps or has kept chain loaches has experienced this..? It's just that I tried...
  10. -cAtFiSh-

    Plant Id

    I bought myself this lovely piece of bogwood with plants already growing on it (didn't do wonders for my wallet haha): I know that two of the plants are some sort of Anubias and java moss but out of curiosity I was wondering what this one was: Anyone ID it?
  11. -cAtFiSh-

    I Love Where I Live..

    You get lorikeets outside your front door :P These two have been hanging around for the past few days wanting food. Trying to get my attention: So I gave them some apple: :D
  12. -cAtFiSh-

    My Newest Piercings!

    Dermal anchors! Its a new procedure so of course I had to get it done :P They can be put anywhere on the body, but I thought my neck would be the most unusual...also it looks like a have a bar going through my windpipe haha (which I don't, of course!). I got the first one almost two weeks ago...
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    I have a spare 2 gallonish tank lying around and I want to put a betta in it. I want to put the tank on my shelves in my room which also has my speakers to my stereo/hi-fi on it. I want to put the tank on the shelf just below the one with the speakers on it. The speakers arent very big but they...
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    Got it today. It hurts :D
  15. -cAtFiSh-

    Couple Of Pics..

    Does anyone elses bnose seem to get lazy and just drop off whatever they're hanging on to? :P And one of my kuhlis :D So cute. I'm assuming its a Pangio kuhlii?? Oh and sorry about the poo. Thats thanks to Sir Bristlenose :rolleyes:
  16. -cAtFiSh-


    I have four kuhli loaches. Even though I got them all from the same place at the same time I seem to have two Pangio kuhlii and two (what seems to be) Pangio cuneovirgata. VERY RARELY do I see the latter while the Pangio kuhlii I see every day without fail. Anyway, the Pangio kuhlii are always...
  17. -cAtFiSh-

    My Tank Redecorated!

    I re-did my tank today. And it now has CO2 and I am extremely happy with how its looking. It'll look even better when the background plants grow a bit. Any constructive critisism is welcome :)
  18. -cAtFiSh-

    "crazy Fish"

    I went into an LFS i hadnt been into in a long time for a squiz at their fishy collection (they have a 15 year old giant gourami. He's pretty :nod:). Anyways so i was making my way along the wall of tanks and noticed they had some gudgeons (they looked a little pale though). On the glass of...
  19. -cAtFiSh-

    Ill German Blue Ram

    Last Saturday i bought myself a pair of German blue ram cichlids. They have been doing fine and have settled into the tank very well. The only issue i have had to deal with is some ich on the male which i have treated and now it is gone. Over the past couple of days the male has been really...
  20. -cAtFiSh-

    Blue Rams

    On Saturday i bought myself two new german blue rams, a male and a female. They didnt take any notice of each other on the saturday cos they were still settling in. On Sunday they were getting along fine. They would follow each other round the tank, no aggression or anything and were sharing a...