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    How long does dechlorinator need to sit in water before going in tank

    So my tank is killing guppies again. And it seems to be after 25%+ water changes. I use a water dechlorinator and make sure the water is the right temp before introducing it. But like clock work a few days after a water change the ammonia starts going up and the fish get sick. I'm thinking...
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    Used aqueon algae remover now fish staying at top of tank

    I had an algae problem that is now gone. I used the algae remover power the directions, but ever since I first put it in there the fish have stayed st the very top of the tank. They won't eat or leave it. Any ideas. Thanks
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    Water not cycling?

    I wrote a few weeks ago about my tank killing cory's. Per the forum recommendation i got a good api test kit, and once i tested ammonia, i found out it was 2 ppm. So i've did a bunch of 50% water changes until the ammonia was down to under .25ppm. Now its been a week and the ammonia is...
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    3 week old tank killing emerald corys

    Hi all, we got a 10 gallon tank with 3 Male guppies and 1 emerald cory. The cory lives 1 week and dies. We just lost our 3rd and won't be getting any more. The guppies are thriving. It's been 3 weeks. I used water conditioner and good bacteria starter. I check the water stats daily. 0...