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  1. shabash

    What are these?

    It doesn’t appear to be “live”. It looks bleached. I hope I’m wrong but I think they sold you ”dead” rock as live. Here’s an example of what typical live rock looks like.
  2. shabash

    Could really use some assistance

    As you weren’t aware of the cycling, you may not know that your beneficial bacteria grow on surfaces. While most of us want to look at a “clean” tank, I would suggest you leave your filter and decorations as they are until your tank is stable. Mostly your filter. If it is very dirty, then rinse...
  3. shabash

    What are these?

    The “rocks“ with what look like Barnacles to you are actually the skeletal remains of coral. Unless there’s been some new technology to live rock, those just look like rock. I see no life on them at all. The green color is simply algae growth. Live rock usually has some color to it. Sometimes...
  4. shabash

    Kicking the hobby up a notch

    @AbbeysDad , nice blog! I’ve subscribed. Thank you very much for letting us know about these articles. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors! :thumbs:
  5. shabash

    Im trying to breed blue shrimp. We shal see

    If you’re trying to breed the shrimp, the bristlenose pleco May eat the fry. An otocinclus might be a better choice If you feel you need an algae eater.
  6. shabash

    Meet the M*A*S*H Duo!

    Lol. BJ is definitely better and I think it probably suits him better too!
  7. shabash

    Shrimp fry!

    No doubt there will Be more! This tank was started in January so patience is definitely needed, lol. I’m sure you will be over run soon!
  8. shabash

    Meet the M*A*S*H Duo!

    I love their names! Beautiful puppers!
  9. shabash

    Cool pic of one of my crystal shrimps

    Awesome pic! And gorgeous shrimp!
  10. shabash

    I got a beta!!!!

    Gorgeous! Congrats!
  11. shabash

    Can bettas eat boiled eggs?

    It will probably not hurt him but it will foul your water very fast. The result of the water being fouled could then hurt your fish. Maybe a live blood worm as a treat would be better?
  12. shabash

    Shrimp fry!

    Thank you! <—-happy dance!
  13. shabash

    Shrimp fry!

    Hi all! Just wanted to share some pics of my new shrimp fry. I think these are from my golden bee/Snow White shrimp. I know the green babaulti also was berried but the adults are hard to find so I’m guessing the fry are just about impossible, lol. These little guys are sooo tiny! I’m loving...
  14. shabash

    Thread for sharing art

    Thank you
  15. shabash

    Thread for sharing art

    I doodle with digital art. It helps me relieve anxiety. I don’t usually save them but this one I truly liked. I have enjoyed everyone’s drawings Very much!
  16. shabash

    Stocking suggestions for a 7 gallon tank

    You’re quite welcome. Another fish I Would consider if I had the time And another tank or maybe a pond would be rice fish.
  17. shabash

    Stocking suggestions for a 7 gallon tank

    Here’s a close up of the Rasbora. They are full grown at about an inch.. perfect nano fish and bright red when they’re happy. My Nerite snail dwarfs them, lol. They are also quite peaceful and don’t bother the shrimp.
  18. shabash

    Stocking suggestions for a 7 gallon tank

    I have a 7 gallon tank but it’s a bow front not a cube. You could do a shrimp or as @Byron suggested, Boraras Brigittae. I currently have 10 of these chili Rasbora along with many different species of Caridina shrimp which love soft water. If you heavily plant your tank you can start adding your...
  19. shabash

    Live Fish Shipping

    call Fed ex and see if you can have them call you when driver is en-route. DHL does this already for packages needing signature. You may need the tracking info first though.
  20. shabash

    Need advice before I ruin a good thing

    I’ve noticed if I did more than 30% water changes my shrimp either die(2 so far) or act odd immediately after. I match temperature exactly and de-chlorinate. My tank is only 7 gallons so im thinking its just too much volume for my shrimp to adapt. My tap water is around +7ph and my tank runs...