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  1. vancouver

    Aggressive Penguin Tetra

    I have 4 hockey stick tetras in my 40g tank.. 1 is larger than the others - was the only one of my previous group to survive a heater malfunction. He basically now rules the tank.. He likes to nip all the other fish, and only lets certain fish into the middle of the tank. He thinks it's his...
  2. vancouver

    Guppies With Dropsy

    I have a 10g with couple guppies left in it.. Bought some fish from someone locally, brought dropsy into the tank, and now my guppies are dying 1 by 1.. I tried using epsolm salts, without success... Really not sure what else I can do.. I have snails in the tank, so I cant use anything that...
  3. vancouver

    Guppy Cant Poo

    Anything I can do? It wont eat... It's back end is definitely blocked.. It's tail is getting reddish like the veins are popping out.. I don't know what I can do... Cant poop tho.. poor thing
  4. vancouver

    Need A Couple Bottom Dwellers

    I have a 40g square tank that has a lot of fake plants in it.. Couple pieces of driftwood as well. I'm looking for a couple bottom dwellers.. The current stock is as follows: 2 angelfish (haven't been aggressive) 1 gold gourami - peaceful 4 hockey stick/penguin tetra 5 harlequin rasboras 3 glo...
  5. vancouver

    Sick Glo-lites

    I've had horrible luck with glo lites lately.. Bought 6, they all died overnight.. Was given 6 more, within 24 hours their bodies were very white. It appears to be under the skin, so I'm thinking bacterial.. At the same time, I wonder if it might be some sort of weird fungus. I bought some...
  6. vancouver

    Old Betta Going Blind?

    I have a betta that's pushing 4 years.. His eyes have recently become quite cloudy, and I'm not sure he can see anymore.. The water stays clean, so I don't see it as some sort of illness-type thing.. Is this common with older bettas?
  7. vancouver

    Alleni Crawfish Sexing..

    Here's the deal.. We have a female alleni that has had 2 broods so far.. All the fry have turned out to be females.. She has another brood going right now.. The eggs just hatched, and she has tons of little buggers attached to her. I'm wondering if water temperature or something like that is...
  8. vancouver

    Couple Pics

    The tank is 40g. Has 3 females and 4 blue crawfish.. Couldn't get a pic of the other female.. She's brown and not so exciting looking anyways... These 2 are new as of 2 days ago This would be the 40g tank... They seem to be loving it so far.. They are quite interested in the crawfish, but...
  9. vancouver

    Blue Crawfish

    So here's the deal.. my buddy and I bought 2 blue crawfish.. I believe they are the alleni or whatever.. We've had them for about a month.. We have a smaller female, and a big male. The female had eggs within the first week... They hatched, she had about 6 or 7 babies on her underside when she...
  10. vancouver

    I Have A Cactus

    Ginger the cactus is extremely cool.. she jus hangs out and grows new wiener things.. Sometimes I name her weiners...
  11. vancouver

    Q About Tiger Barbs

    I've never kept tiger barbs, so I have a few questions. The tank is 55g... current inhabitants include about 5 silver dollars (all but one are blind in at least 1 eye, couple are totally blind)... a ctenepoma, and a rainbow cichlid. If I decide they are ok together, I'm going to get large...
  12. vancouver

    New Bettas

    Didn't plan on buying any fish.. both of them caught my eye though.. and once they catch my eye, it's tough for me to NOT buy them. My betta army is growing again.. I must have about 10 now.
  13. vancouver

    Pics Of Me Snails

    I'm hoping for some clutches one of these days
  14. vancouver

    I Got A Parrot

    I haven't had a bp in quite awhile.. Didn't plan on buying one, but this guy was stalking me at the store.. Following me from side to side in the tank as I walked by.. I had to get it.. It's living in my 40g square tank with a bunch of snails. It already grabbed a ramshorn snail by the shell...
  15. vancouver

    A Youtube Tag?

    Saw it on another site.. was really cool.. You could embed youtube videos into the topic.. so you don't have to leave this site to view the video. I searched and didn't see this mentioned before.. Thought it would be a neat idea.
  16. vancouver

    Pics Of The Crew

    This male severum used to beat up silver dollars.. Most of my silver dollars are now blind in at least 1 eye... I had to move him to a tank with a couple other cichlids, and it was beat up pretty bad. It had been hiding in this pot for 2 weeks, but has been coming out recently to eat and fight a...
  17. vancouver

    Silly Veil..

    So mr veiltail decided it was going to jump the divider and fight the plakat next door.. Mr veiltail wasnt looking so well a few weeks ago, but hes back in action.. fins growing back, and turning blue You can see the combatants below.. when I found them, plakat had a bunch of mr veiltails tail...
  18. vancouver

    New Betta

    I bought this guy a few days ago.. It's kinda demented.. cant really swim properly.. Thought I would buy it and give it a decent home..
  19. vancouver

    Bacterial Infections Suck

    So within about 48 hours, my favorite gold severum went from being totally normal, to dead. 2 days ago I noticed it hiding, and it had some finnage missing. I assumed that it was in a fight with my chocolate cichlid, so I left it in the tank, thinking it was just sulking. Yesterday, it was on...
  20. vancouver

    Id My Apistos :)

    I bought 2 of these apisto something or others.. Don't know what they are.. Some sort of nannocara or I don't know.. Anyways, here are the pics.. Larger one I'm assuming is the male, smaller the female. Hopefully they will spawn someday. Thanks! :good: