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  1. LauraFrog

    Gourami Group Dynamic

    Hi all! I currently have a young blue gourami (unsure of sex) in a 40 gal long, well furnished and overfiltered, with 9 neons and 10 silvertips. I would really like to add a lace gourami to this tank, and maybe a gold gourami as well (although I've read that they can be aggressive to smaller...
  2. LauraFrog

    Yoyo/Pakistani Loach

    Hi all Again my reading about this species has turned up a heap of conflicting information so I'd love some opinions. Is a 20 gallon tank big enough for a yoyo loach? Also, some books/websites say keep them in groups, and others say keep them alone because they fight if you keep more than one...
  3. LauraFrog

    Nitrifiers In Water Column

    I've just moved house, and the water supply to my new fishroom is coming out of an agricultural dam (stocked with fish and plants.) I brought down a 20 gallon tank which sat empty for about two weeks until I got around to scrubbing all the algae out of it. Then it got thoroughly rinsed with hot...
  4. LauraFrog

    African Butterflies

    I've wanted butterflies (Pantodon) for many years and I'm finally getting around to it but I need a bit of advice on tankmates... the minimum size of fish seems to vary from website to website. Would rosy barbs be too nippy? I have kept them before and not found them to be overly aggressive or...
  5. LauraFrog

    Some Things Just Don'T Change I can't believe this mob have actually put their name on that photo... that's worse than some of the photos I've seen demonstrating pet stores' cruelty to bettas. Surely they could tell that was going to result in flaming...
  6. LauraFrog

    Wish List - Will It Work?

    Hi guys and sorry for the long absence!!! Been moving house, so internet's been off for ages. Good news though - I HAVE A FISHROOM. I'll post some pics if I get a chance. To cut a (very) long story short, I bought a 3 foot tank of 155 litres. Too tired at the moment to convert it into gallons...
  7. LauraFrog

    Wasting Disease Knocking Off Mollies

    Urghhh... this one is SO ANNOYING. 22 gallon tank. It's a molly setup, permanent tankmates 6 bumblebee gobies, but it has at times contained various other things - platys, rainbowfish, a krib. At the moment it's got four sailfin males (two of which look like they're on the way out) and six...
  8. LauraFrog

    The List Of Commonly Seen Brackish Water Fish

    I've been searching for it everywhere... there is a link to it in the compendium of pinned topics (Tropical Chit Chat - Articles) and the link doesn't work. Searching for the topic brings up nothing.
  9. LauraFrog

    Removing Gunge From Rocks

    I'm setting up a micro paludarium in a 6 gallon tank I've had lying around... its internal filtration system is utterly bummed so I wanted to do something interesting with it that doesn't require that system. I went down to the creek today to fetch some rock. (I always use rock from this creek...
  10. LauraFrog

    Ugh - Columnaris Again

    This stuff always seems to happen to me lol... the cat knocked my airpump over and the hoses fell off it. (They're old, I should probably replace them but I've got to order in some new airline.) The hoses were running the risers on the undergravel filter in my 22 gal brackish community. It's...
  11. LauraFrog

    Laura's 6 Gal Micro Paludarium

    Got a 6 gal, tall, thinnish tank lying around empty. The filtration system in it is bummed, haven't done anything with it for ages. So I figured it was micro paludarium time. It's a panoramic and in pretty good condition apart from the dead filtration. The tank is the same as the attached photo...
  12. LauraFrog

    Echinodorus/filament Leaf Plants

    Basically it's like this... there's a company supplying echinodoras that I'm buying off (for several tanks, some I'm setting up for my school and one that I'm paid to maintain.) None of the tanks have spectacular lighting but I will be using root tabs and the water quality is impeccable. Some...
  13. LauraFrog

    Important! Attention All Australian Members

    Thought I should let the Australian members know that the list of fish species that are banned for trade, import, breeding or possession in Queensland has just been quadrupled. If you own a fish on this list, you must either destroy it, surrender it to the DPIF (which will destroy it) or obtain...
  14. LauraFrog

    Milfoil Question

    Could somebody please tell me what the difference is (in appearance/requirements) between the plants sold as 'milfoil' and 'filigree milfoil'? Thanks!
  15. LauraFrog

    A Few Questions About Rams

    Rams = :drool:. I've loved them for years but never had any, they're on the list of fish that are not easy to find around here. At the moment, I am setting up four tanks, about 13 gallons each. They all drain into a sump, so they're all sharing water. The main purpose of them is raising betta...
  16. LauraFrog

    Female Dropped Eggs

    About a week ago, the LFS gave me three very eggbound females... they know I've got a lot of males and they were hoping I could get the eggs out. I haven't had much luck (as usual) but there was one female in particular that I was worried about because she was very big in size. So I set her up...
  17. LauraFrog

    Why Does This Always Happen?

    They're frustrating me AGAIN. I've been trying for over a year now and still no successful spawn. This time it's really, really worrying me because I've been given the females to fix up, they are so swollen with eggs that there's going to be trouble if they DON'T spawn. Done everything by the...
  18. LauraFrog

    Oversized Heaters

    Short version Is it safe to put a seriously overrated heater in a tank? Like, a heater that would handle a 50 gallon tank, into a 20 gallon? I'm all out of spare heaters, and I don't want to burn the house down. Long version Something came up today and I had to take a few fish off the LFS...
  19. LauraFrog

    Quick Question Re. Measurement

    I'm currently working on a website about keeping tropical fish (Best Fin Forward.) I'm working at the moment on a spreadsheet, similar to our Aquarium Calculator (conversions etc) but a little more complicated. This one will let you muck around with stocking (using a very, very large list of...
  20. LauraFrog

    Is Anyone Bored?

    I've just gotten parts of my website online. There is a LOT of content still to be written. So far a lot of what I've done is in the betta section, which is why I thought I'd ask you guys to check it. Housing bettas is online, as is betta myths (read this if you've been stung - that bit) and...