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    Mixed Malawi cichlids

    I have a 7ft tank full of Malawi cichlids. A lot of them are kenyiis as they like breeding. Loads of other malawi, all good sizes and recently treated for internal parasites (they didn't have parasites, I just wanted to be sure). Need gone asap, viewings welcome, need to go to good homes...
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    Moving My 100 Gal Discus Tank Across The Room

    Hey all! Quick question.... I'm moving my 100 gal discus tank across the room to make way for my new seven foot reef tank. Does this sound good? Take out half the water and keep it. Fill up paddling pool with more of the tank water. Take out all fish and put in the paddling pool with a...
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    My Discus Is Sick

    One of my discus (I have eight in my 100 gal) has gone darker and has a little bit of cloud in his eye. I've never had discus before so I don't know what to do, I got three about 2 months ago, and I got five more this weekend. All the other discus are fine, and all of them are feeding well. I...
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    Kribensis Fry

    My kribensis pair have fry. I saw them for the first time today, when the two adults kribs escorted them out of the nest for the first time. However... I also discovered today the beginnings of what I think is a white spot outbreak. I introduced a shoal of neons last week without quarentining...
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    Saes Dancing/spawning Dunno?

    Sometimes my two SAEs (definately SAEs, the black stripe goes right down the tail) do a little shimmy dance, while nibbling at each other, and their colours go really dull so you can hardly see the stripe. Is this breeding behaviour? Usually they're best friends, don't fight, and have a...
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    Fire Extinguisher Co2

    Right... so after spending over £30 on two disposable bottles of CO2, which will last me approx just under 2 months on my tank, I'm starting to think about using fire extinguishers. Aqua essentials do a disposable bottle that is cheaper, but I bought some and I've found they're lasting only...
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    I Figured Something Out

    Whenever my anubias flowers, the flower doesn't look 'right'. It's got chunks missing and holes in it. I know what it is now! My clown loach thinks it's a snail!!!!! I caught him at it - burrowing into the flower, eating it!
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    Very Tiny Nano Thoughts

    So... I'm seriously thinking of doing a nano tank. And I mean TINY. I like the look of the aqua essentials opti white 12X8X8 inch tanks. Is there ANY livestock I can keep in this? I was thinking of Crystal Red shrimp, but are they too big? Are there any shrimps that are really really...
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    Uv Steraliser, And Flow Rate.

    so... I want to increase my flow. I also have been thinking about getting a UV steraliser. I've been looking on ebay, and there are a few internal UV steralisers, that feature a powerhead. So I'm thinking, why not kill two birds with one stone? Having never had one before, what wattage...
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    See Through Java Fern Leaves

    The newest growth has see through tips and the rest of the leaf is a bit yellow. what's up? Shall I increase my trace dosing?
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    On the internet forums, I'm led to believe that phosphates are good for plants. The manager of my LFS, who usually gives pretty sound advice, says they're bad. He also told me he used to work in a plant nursery and the only time they dosed phosphates was when they wanted plants to flower...
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    can I use melafix in a planted tank? Will it hurt my plants? One of my angel fish looks like he's a bit damaged. I think I can, but I'm making sure by asking here.
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    Angel Fish

    I have an angel fish, who has what looks like white spot. But on closer inspection, it appears to be damage to the scales. Like, it looks a bit like the scales have got a bit damaged and then got a fungus on them. But the fungus isn't like 'normal' fungus, looking fluffy like cotton wool...
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    100gal First Attempt At Planted Tank.

    I originally posted this in the photos forum, but I will post it here aswell, as it seems to be turning into a plant discussion. I will update as things progress. I have kept plants before, but really easy ones that don't need any attention - anubias, java fern, and vallis. About a month ago...
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    Fish Clubs In The Uk

    Where are all the fish clubs? I live near Brighton on the South Coast. I think it would be a good idea if we listed any fish clubs we know of so then people like me, who don't know where they are, can join them! I'm especially interested in planted tank fish clubs.
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    100gal Planted Tank

    About a month ago I converted my Juwel rio 400 (100 gal) tank into a planted tank. As it's new, please excuse the algae. I have two filters - the standard Juwel internal, and an external Tetratec 1500. The filters were already mature, having been running for approx 3 years now. Heater -...
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    My Pumpkin

    Just thought I'd make a post about Pumpkin because he's lovely! Pumpkin is an undyed blood parrot (I think) cichlid and is maybe 7"? I haven't measured him, but he's pretty big. He lives in my 100gal tank, alongside many, truly, tiny, tetras (glowlights etc) and tiny otos and khuli loaches...
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    Crinium Callismistratum Problem

    I wish I could take a photo but I can't because my cable is at my partner's work and he forgot to take it home with him for the weekend! My Crinium Callimistratum had a few red patches, at the base of the younger leaves. Now, the red patches are going a bit rotten, to the extent that one of...
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    I know this happens to some of you all the time... but it's the first time it's ever happened to me and i'm well pleased and very excited!!! what a sad person I am... I added two more lights today and my anubias has started pearling! Just thought I'd let you all bask in my joy!
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    Upgrading My Juwel Lighting To 4 T5 Tubes

    I'm going to add some more tubes to my Juwel rio 400. I already have the new T5 Juwel system (2X 54watt tubes), but after some research and thought and readingthis, I think I need two more bulbs. I'm going to use thismethod of fixing them into the Juwel hood (seventh post down). Does this...