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    Datnoid With Peacock Bass?

    I have a young datnoid in my tank and ive been offered a young peacock bass which illed realy like to, I have read a peacock bass grows quite fast and datnoid slow, Is it safe to buy the bass or will it grow to quick and end up eating my dat? Thanks Tom
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    Why We Should All Be Cautious When Doing Water Changes

    I have a ro system set up in my garage . I no longer do regular water changes . I wait for water to evaporate then top up and since my water conditions have been spot on!!! Some times u can taste these treatments in the water but I think a kettle full of ro water is the way forward :)
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    A Datnoid Or ........

    Not big enough for 1 datnoid ???? Are u serious
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    A Datnoid Or ........

    I have a 5ft x 1.5 x 2.5 tank and I've just sold my oscars jaguars arowana but left with 1 plec and 2 upside down cat fish ( the two cat fish are forsale) I sold all my fish as I want a datnoid but I'm debating on filling it with plants and tetras. Don't know what I should do tbh
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    Large Aquarium Ship

    Livestock/Equipment. Large 2 Piece Ship Age and condition: Age unknown but great condition Quantity for sale: one Reason for Sale: I want to change the look of tank so Illed like bog wood or a big root for my 5ft aquarium Delivery or Collection: Both Sales price: Exchange Postage & Packaging...
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    Confused On Cloudy Water

    Hi I have a 5ft x 18 x 28" tank. Running a external filter and a internal u4. I use the liquid test kit and my ammonia is fine and nitrite and nitrate but water still looks cloudy. I have notice that i was sold the wrong bulb as it says for reptile use only so would the bold make it look funny...
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    Ro Water And Tap Water

    I'm just setting up a 150 litre marine tank . Question is I have 50 litres of ro water but need another 100 litres I have tropic Marin pro reef sea salt with is for ro water only he said in shop. Can I put 100 litres of tap water in with this salt if I use some clor out? Thanks
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    New 5Ft Set Up Build

    I took that frontosa and alot of the other fish as they wasnt looked after and they was closing down there tank, It only has one eye and previous owner bought it like that. theres alot of fish i need to sell tbh
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    Jaguar Cichlids With There New Eggs

    i have a breeding pair of jaguars. both of them are gold i have two other jaguars that are black like yours. always confused me why theres gold and black ones. probley made me sound stupid :)
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    New 5Ft Set Up Build

    Hi all Ent been on for a while as been busy with doing my own business from home doing car repairs. Thought ill post up a picture of how my tank stands at the moment. Not the nicest tank in the world as i hav eno idea what to do with it plus cant have plants as my oscars just rip them up. would...
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    Pair Of 5" Red Spotted Severums For Sale!

    Intrested in these what do you want for the pair
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    New 5Ft Set Up Build

    Update... I come across a slight leak on the tank on saturday so had to drain the tank out and look for another tank which i couldnt find so put my fish up for sale. I had a mate come round and look at it ans he said to re seal it. So went out and got some sealent and removed some chipped glass...
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    Silver Arowana Oscars Plec ,bewdley Dy12

    Livestock: 10-12" silver arowana Quantity for sale: one Reason for Sale: Tank is leaking and i cant find a replacement local Delivery or Collection: collection Sales price: Offers Postage & Packaging: none Location: Bewdley dy12 2pp Photograph: Livestock: 6" (about)Oscars red ,tiger ,albino...
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    Heaters Wanted

    Im after a fue heaters (working ones) 200w upwards .Can collect local to bewdley as possable let me know :good:
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    New 5Ft Set Up Build

    Planning on having a 6x2x2 . but i will finish off this build and have a good set up then start building a stand for a 6x2x2 and buy a tank then put them in to that but i dont like stressing fish out buy swopping tanks. illed like a full malawi tank with the ocean rock as i think there the best...
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    New 10 Gallon Tank

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    New 5Ft Set Up Build

    Dont worry i was waiting for all that as ive read it all before. this is only a tempary tank .I want a 8x2x2 but there like rocking horse dump so this will do for the time being. Good job you dont know what size im fish are in now ;)
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    New 5Ft Set Up Build

    Yer the 28" is the hight.using a on line volume calculator it works out to 500litres but illed say about 450 litres. I have a 8" silver arowana to go in there and 4 oscars but will only keep 2 when they pair off. i fancy a frontosa aswell and some clown loachs .Im after a bigger tank still tho...
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    New 5Ft Set Up Build

    The tank .When i was cleaning off the black paint off the edges Built in weir The cracked sump which needs glass replacing then will be forsale The tank on the stand with some water in No leaks in the tank so ill be setting it up in the house thursday
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    New 5Ft Set Up Build

    Hi Last week i Picked up a 5ft tank on ebay with a 4ft sump. Tank measurments are 60" x 18" x 28" think it works out to 450ish litres. Tank comes with a built in weir and currently needs a good clean. The sump side glass is broke but i wil get that another piece of glass for that and sell it...