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    Ph Drop In Middle Of Cycle

    problem with most tap water it doesnt have total alkalinity...that stabilizes your PH...add a teaspoon of baking soda and wait for an hour and check PH again....once the alkilinity rises, the PH will also.... if I am not mistaken ammonia is is acidic and it took over your ph. My tap waters TA is...
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    Nigerian Red Kribensis

    i cant wait to see pics
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    Neons Vs Cardinal Tetra

    cardinals also get a bit larger
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    Which Heater?

    i had good luck with any brand that has a temp dial on them. Those cheap-o ones with out a temp switch usually break for me.
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    How Many Corys In My Tank?

    depending on the size of the tank. I would recommend a school of cories, they are a community group.
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    Should I Breed Em

    I have bred with a filter running cut back to low, intake covered with a sponge and had no trouble. I usually use a bare bottom tank though.
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    are your barracks going to be a central pump and filter? or will each one be filtered seperate? If all together then put the heater and filter in the sump.
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    Hydor Mini Heater

    Dr fosters smith sells it for 9.99 I havent used one myself, been contemplating it though.
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    Plastic Tank

    Never tried this one but heard good things;N=2004+113767 Petsmart locally dropped the neptune heaters to 14 bucks made by marineland who also make visitherm. I love visitherm and neptune heaters, they are excellent.
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    Buying Bettas and click on members sites. They have a few people selling thailand bettas that were bought, but the transhipper fee wasnt paid or some breeders sell fish they have spawned. You will get some quality bettas either way. I bought some thai bettas that werent picked up for 5...
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    Conditioning Feeding And Baby Food

    How are you going to cull your deformed members of your spawn? A painless humane way is to feed to a big cichlid. FYI I have used Decapped BBS with success and used micro worms. The spawns I had took to the decapped BBS with no issues. Some people swear by live foods. I think both are very...
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    I had a female that not only built nests, but while she was spawning would help the male put the eggs in the nest. She was the only one, but it can happen.
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    How Many Bettas?

    it depends really. I would guess anywhere between 50-150 is on average.
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    Smallest Tank To Keep Betta's In?

    actually a lot of breeders that do shows, do not think of their fish as "stock" that is such a ignorant post to suggest otherwise. As one of the mods (or former mods, is wuv still around?) will tell you they do not think of their fish as stock. They are their pets also, and "breeders" have the...
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    Smallest Tank To Keep Betta's In?

    thats an age old debate, just like anything else in this hobby. Read up , see what breeders do and go on your best judgement. More is better, but go with what you can afford and let the fish live a healthy life.
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    Help Mini Cycle!

    bacteria will be on the gravel, on the glass, etc....
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    Slow Growing Babies

    I have heard feeding vinegar eels seems to not be as nutritious as like other foods. A variety of food seems to have done the best for me. I found that gut loading your live foods would not hurt. (putting vitamins in your micro worm culture or highly nutritious food.) Try a variety of food, and...
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    Male And Female In Same Tank?

    I never tried it, I have heard it working and I have heard it hasn't. I would not do it, many people advise against it. but if you do ...let us know
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    All Of My Bettas!

    Sabrina is one sharp looking fish :hyper:
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    You obviously did not understand my post was not about FBT, but about the whole live food vs. Decapped shrimp. I think we all agree FBT should probably back up and re think and probably plan a tad better. But why do you keep bringing up FBT, when my responce wasn't about FBT it was more about...