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  1. LiamGoodaire

    Help Me! Questions To Ask! Issues To Resolve!

    Maybe this thread isn't as important as the title implies so firstly my apologies for that. The reason behind the thread is to help resolve some issues I have which have been mentioned in individual threads previously but suffered from lack of attention so I'm putting them all together! Ill...
  2. LiamGoodaire

    Fluval Roma 125 Rescape

    Hey guys, For those who aren't aware I've had a bit of bother with my tank which has been mentioned in other topics! Anyway whilst trying to amend this issue i thought this gives the perfect opportunity to rescape, I'd got quite bored of how it looked and want something different! The only...
  3. LiamGoodaire

    Please Help Sex My Rams

    Hi guys, Could you please help sex these 2 new additions, I did my best in the LFS to do so but was quite difficult. This is the suspected male? And this is the suspected female? Fingers crossed Cheers Liam Goodaire
  4. LiamGoodaire

    Fluval Roma 125 Condensation Problem

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem as me or if anyone has any suggestions on how t resolve this issue First let me explain, I have a Fluval Roma 125 and the condensation obviously rises up onto the underneath of the lid. However there is some sort of lip where the lid fits...
  5. LiamGoodaire

    My Tank Journal

    hi just thought id right a journal to inform you guys how everything is going with the fluval roma 125 i bought on ebay, also thought would help me keep up to date and on top of the cycle so will be just keeping updated on here so far... 07/06-2011 purchased fluval roma 125 on ebay with stand...
  6. LiamGoodaire

    Mudk Turtle Food

    Can they eat worms left over from a fishing trip?
  7. LiamGoodaire

    Got A Bargain!

    just picked up a fluval roma 125 with cabinet for the sum of £87!! its located in sheffield so not far from me but im having trouble with the car so asked if he could deliver for a little extra if not i will be organising some method of transport cheers goodaire :D
  8. LiamGoodaire

    Need Some Inspiration...

    Me and my gf have reserved an aquael econoline 70 Basically we was going to mod this into marine bit being so young we felt that the money it required was a bit extreme really so we decided to stick with the tank but were struggling to think of a nice setup. We were thinking of a kinda unique...
  9. LiamGoodaire

    Taking The Jump!

    Hi guys, looking forward to setting up my 1st marine tank. This is the tank we are getting once the LFS get their next palette of tanks in as they only have the bow front left ...
  10. LiamGoodaire

    Anybody Know Where I Could Get One Of These In The Uk A LFS has one which he i asked if he was willing to sell but he has a few maps which are in stock which he wants rid of prior to considering the sale, however they arent going too quickly cheers goodaire
  11. LiamGoodaire

    New Musk Turtle Setuo

    Just thought is share. my new tank with you all just set it all up today! It's not quite finished and needs a centre piece of some kind to complete the look, I have reserved a turtle ramp and dock when it is next in stock so the rock to the right will eventually go. It is quite spacious compared...
  12. LiamGoodaire

    Shrimp Pregnancy

    How long does it take for crystal red to lay the eggs? And how long does it take for the eggs to hatch? Can't find much info anywhere so thought id ask Cheers goodaire
  13. LiamGoodaire

    Transporting Livestock

    hi everyone been a while since i posted but been on snooping around still. over the easter period me and the gf have been mainly at my house due to commitments with my training schedule but we have paid a few visits to some of the LFS and we came home with 7 red crystal shrimp (3 pregnant) as we...
  14. LiamGoodaire

    Musk Turtle Setup

    Hi again, massively considering this setup in my bedroom, the tank is in place and just waiting to be setup. I currently have a sufficient heater, fluval 1 filter, some pebbled like substrate, a corner basking area and thermometor. Im in no rush to setup im just currently focussing on getting...
  15. LiamGoodaire

    3 New Tanks

    Today we purchased 3, yes 3 new tanks for a mere 30 pound!! Wait for the rest, one is 4' x 1' x 1'6" the others are about of similar size to each other which is about 18" x 12" x 12" nothing special but for the money who can complain! Obviously the priority tank is the 4ft one which was going...
  16. LiamGoodaire


    Not sure if this is the right topic but I'm unsure what it means for my tank...... Anyways for those who don't know I have a fluval edge at my girlfriends and turned up to hers this evening only to notice 2 tiny snails on the glass. Now I have recently added 3 live plants to replace the...
  17. LiamGoodaire

    Planting The Plants

    Just bought 3 plants for our fluval edge we now have 3 real and 3 fake, they came with like a type of cotton wool with a metal strip around. Should this be removed?
  18. LiamGoodaire

    New 45L Hex

    Yes another tank already I know ha, its a 45L hexagon tank and just a few questions to ask due to the different shape of the tank.... oh and I'm gettin a fully established filter so cycling shouldn't be too long at all. 1) not really set on what fish to get yet, I'd like an attractive community...
  19. LiamGoodaire

    Aquarium In A Cupboard

    for those who dont know i am after a new aquarium for plants and shrimp breeding. i originally said it would be in a free space in my bedroom, however ive been sorting out my room and i have an empty boiler cupboard which has been emptied and boarded out since switching from the old boiler to a...
  20. LiamGoodaire

    My Ill Endler Guppy :(

    My poor guppy! Tank size: 23 L (6 u.s Gal) pH: 7.5 ammonia: 0ppm nitrite: 0.25ppm nitrate: 0ppm tank temp: 26C Fish Symptoms: is able to swim but seems under a lot if stress when doing so, it is often fighting to swim in the middle of the tank or wriggling its way across the bottom...