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  1. DanTheFishMan11

    120G Tank Fish Ideas?

    Would definitely be fine IMO
  2. DanTheFishMan11

    Lighting Upgrade Considerations

    Not a tech genius but that tanks gorgeous, that's the most perfect looking bit of wood I've ever seen, get that up for TOTM next month, will sure as hell grab my vote
  3. DanTheFishMan11

    New Re-Designed Community Tank (Now With Live Plants!)

    Definitely add more cories, around 8 should do, a dwarf gourami could go in and also bump the tetras up to 10/12
  4. DanTheFishMan11

    What Do We Think? Some Opinions Needed On Sa Cichlid

    When I worked at Maidenhead aquatics, we had a guy come in with a problem extremely similar to this and the manager was fine with housing the fish in a display tank with a couple other females we had sourced and we got a pair and that was with some electric blue JD's
  5. DanTheFishMan11

    Guppies Problem

    Could have just been inbreeds, had this before guppies bred with with related guppies can turn out real bad
  6. DanTheFishMan11

    Urgent Help Needed With Juwel Tank

    I've had the support brace snap on mine, and the whole tank buckled, luckily I was there and could save the fish, but I honestly froze in shock for like 2 minutes, very unpleasant
  7. DanTheFishMan11

    Some Pics Of My Fish

    I'm sorry but that tank doesn't look big enough for all those fish, and I think the piranhas might have a bit of a meal at some point... Edit: as I thought, neither are community fish, both are species only and both requires massive tanks please refer to...
  8. DanTheFishMan11

    So It Begins

    Tank of the month competitor right there
  9. DanTheFishMan11

    Help With My Tank Layout?

    I'm sorry to be "that guy" but can I ask what size the tank is and future plans for the Oscar?
  10. DanTheFishMan11

    Help! What Is Wrong With My Dalmatian Mollie?

    Yeah that screams swim bladder to me, my old betta had it and I thought it was the end of him but one day I woke up and be was fine
  11. DanTheFishMan11

    Black Spots On Sand And White Cobweb Like Stuff All Over The Place?

    Are they in direct sunlight by any chance? And welcome, at least you didn't fall into the trap of buying fish straight away.
  12. DanTheFishMan11


    What temps do apistos appreciate? Thanks for all these ideas guys Edit: just brainstorming at the minute, nothing will be happening till summer so have got plenty of time to plan
  13. DanTheFishMan11

    Everyone's Favorite Thread Topic...

    Kissing gourami are stunning
  14. DanTheFishMan11


    So other than the BNs is that stocking okay for the size of tank, and what if I was to swap the BNs for some copies, how many cories would I be looking at?
  15. DanTheFishMan11


    Right I've had my thinking cap on and came up with this: Pair of GBR Shoal of 20 neon tetras Shoal of 10 hatchet fish 4 BN catfish Going for an Amazon biotope hopefully and will more than likely stick with the smaller tank, Amy ideas on plants or types of woods?
  16. DanTheFishMan11

    New To Site, Advice On Established Aquarium

    Platies, they are real simple to keep and breed like rabbits
  17. DanTheFishMan11


    Ok guys, I have decided on all the equipment I am going to be getting once my exams are over, but really want to think about how I'm going to stock it, the tank is 170 litres (48x18x12) I'm looking for a stunning centrepiece fish and a large shoal, and also an L number pled maybe, any...
  18. DanTheFishMan11

    Indian Gourami White Lump On Tail. Fungus? Parasite?

    No the best p, so I'm not even going to say what I think, but hopefully you get it sorted
  19. DanTheFishMan11

    I'm Back, And A Little Rusty...

    yeah ill more than likely just have ottos, and what do you think about some shrimp?