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  1. Mauigirl

    For Us Mts Junkies

    For the US MTS junkies.. Petco has bare tanks on sale for $1 per gallon.. ie. A 10 gal is $10 , A 30 gal is $30 etc. get you some .. slick deals bought myself 2 20 gal and a 55 just to have.
  2. Mauigirl

    You Thought You Scaped Your Tank?

    You put the sand where you like it and they disagree. You loose. it's their tank after all. They are gonna redecorate.. Video Digg Had problems with a you-tube link.. sorry.
  3. Mauigirl

    Acei Holding

    So it seems to be baby central here, aside from my live bearers I have baby Royal Farowella hatched in one tank and now this in one of my Cichlid tanks. She is only 3.5" so likely her first go at this, hope it works out for her. I think that unless I can land yet another tank for the young I'll...
  4. Mauigirl

    First Canister Matinance

    Ok , so I am about to do my first real maintenance on my Eheim 2215. It has been cycled and running for about 1.5-2 months now. I get all the rinsing in tank water, just swish or lightly squeeze the sponges etc. My question is I am going to throw away the carbon sponge that came with and...
  5. Mauigirl

    About How Long Till Drop?

    So this female yellow tail looks about ready to me, the picture doesn't do her condition justice, from the top she looks like a tadpole, the males wont leave her alone, gravid spot black as can be. Front has dropped and squared, I think. I just don't want to put her in the breeder box too soon.
  6. Mauigirl

    Omg Look What I Found

    I so love these oddball cats, I found this while visiting a unknown to me fishstore in the area. The owner took me in the back when I mentioned I have healthy Farowellas and showed me these. Not on display. $20 each though, wow steep. I'm tempted though. since my first 2 whip-tails I haven't...
  7. Mauigirl

    Brown Algae / Diatoms , New Tank

    Hi So my up and coming Cichlid tank has Developed quite a bit of Brown Algae/Diatoms. After reading about it I'm still a bit confused so i'll lay out the setup and maybe someone can help clear my thoughts on it. 55gall 4' tank Eheim 2215 Canister (cycled), I just as of last night added a...
  8. Mauigirl

    What Is This

    So is this a fungal or just fin nipping??
  9. Mauigirl

    Fin Nipping Or Something More

    So IS this fin nipping or something even worse?? I added a 2nd gourami recently and think they may be fighting but I'm not sure, I am worried since its on top and I would expect tail instead. If it is something else I want to treat asap as I'm hoping I have caught it early. If the 10 gal wasn't...
  10. Mauigirl

    New Sorta.

    Hi, So I have a few questions for you all. I recently Separated from my husband of many years. He was a fish fanatic!! Actually bread African lake Cichlids and sold them to the local fish guys. We had more tanks in the basement than I could count. I never really paid much attention to the care...