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  1. Gruntle

    Most Intelligent Species In the Hobby

    Oscars are the most intelligent fish, hands down. A friend says his Oscar used to flip the lid of his tank when he was in the room just to get attention, and would stalk him through the apartment, swimming in the tank along with him when he moved around. But the fish never did anything unusual...
  2. Gruntle

    Polishing the light cover

    Hi all, As some of you know, I have an AquaOne AR620T as my upstairs tank. While performing a routine water change and plant trim, I tilted the top of the light cover all the way up so I had more room. While doing so, I noticed the Perspex cover for the lights is quite cloudy. For those...
  3. Gruntle

    Water additives

    THIS! I had all sorts of problems for my first year as a tank owner because I was diligently buying new filter pads every month as advised by the pet shop boy (who had won many awards for his prize fish in the store). I was always getting ammonia spikes and dead fish until I found this site. I...
  4. Gruntle

    Can you put grow crystals in a aquarium?

    Personally I wouldn't do it. I'm not sure of the components of the crystal and I wouldn't be happy with a problem later down the track if there was something in the crystal that was bad for life.
  5. Gruntle

    Ask Questions About Cycling

    What sort of substrate do you have in your tank? There might be something in the substrate that is decomposing, causing ammonia. Other than that I don't know. And yes, you can top up the tank due to evaporation, if it's only a small amount it won't affect the cycle in any noticeable manner.
  6. Gruntle

    Pregnant Guppy ......

    Looks like she is definitely pregnant. I'm not sure about guppies (I keep Endlers) but it looks to me like you may have fry within a week or two.
  7. Gruntle

    Ask Questions About Cycling

    You should be right for a few days (maybe 5), if your nitrites are starting to come down, then they'll reduce at a faster rate as time goes on and the bacterial colony continues to grow (more bacteria = more processing ability). If there is no ammonia for the ammonia eaters, then they will start...
  8. Gruntle

    Bumblebee Goby

    I love the Aquis filters. I'm running a 1000 and a 750 on my 4' tank and the air pump is louder than both combined. The tank came with a Fluval FX5 but it would constantly build up air and rattle. I've since found out this could be just air settling out of the filter sponges, but it was a...
  9. Gruntle

    Am I ready to fill with water and start cycling?

    If you have a testing kit (API Master is a good one) then you're ready to go. Please keep coming and asking questions as you progress.
  10. Gruntle

    10% pure ammonia and fishless cycling?

    Using the calculator ( and choosing the volume of your tank, I got: 0.62ml if it's US Gallons 0.75ml if it's imperial gallons For your initial dose (taking into account you may have substrate and your tank might not be full to the brim), I'd...
  11. Gruntle

    New tank just bought 3 sunset Platys

    I'm no plant expert, but it seems to me like you have enough plants to take up the ammonia produced by 3 small fish. Like Wills said, if your ammonia rises above 0.25 you should be looking at water changes though. Perhaps someone (like Byron) with more experience in planted tanks can offer some...
  12. Gruntle

    New tank just bought 3 sunset Platys

    Can you upload a photo of your tank? I'd just like to see how many plants you have and what they look like.
  13. Gruntle

    Filter priming

    You could submerge your intake hose in the tank with the tap open, letting all of the air flush out. Then close the valve (if it has one) or put your thumb over the end, then connect to your filter. Make sure the other end is still submerged, and make sure your filter is lower than the tank...
  14. Gruntle

    aqua one aquastyle 620T thoughts

    Cleaning is a little awkward, mainly due to the height of the stand (rather than the tank itself). But overall it's easy. Your plan for seeding the filter sounds like a good idea.
  15. Gruntle

    aqua one aquastyle 620T thoughts

    I have the same tank and am extremely happy with it. The only thing about it is the smaller footprint (tall vs long) so the stocking is a little more limited than, say, a 3' long. So you need peaceful, not too active fish rather than, say danios. I have harlequin rasboras and endlers in mine...
  16. Gruntle

    Nitrate = 0, Ammonia = 0, Nitrite = 0.25 And Climbing

    Or just read the "cycling a tank" article on this site (in the blue bar at the top under How To Tips). I prefer this one, as it has been thoroughly researched and tested, and gives a step-by-step guide. I had absolutely no issues cycling a tank using this, after a long and painful fish-in cycle...
  17. Gruntle

    Fluval 405

    So after a frustrating day trying to sort out an air bubble issue (I’d clear it, it would return. I replaced the impeller, I replaced the inlet/outlet arrangement, I disconnected and reconnected the hoses, I said some bad words), I have put my Aquis 750 and 1000 on the new tank, and will sell...
  18. Gruntle

    Fluval 405

    Just trying to work out how a 405 works. Does the water first pass down the long thin foam pads, then up through the baskets (in which case the ideal place for some fine "wool" would be the top basket), or down through the baskets and then up through the foam (in which case replace the foam with...
  19. Gruntle

    Fluval 405

    Well, after trying to convince the good wife that I "need" a bigger tank, and pricing all of the necessary bits and pieces, I found a second hand tank for $350 that (by my calculations) would cost over $1000 to set up with new stuff (stand, tank, hood, filter, LED light, substrate and...
  20. Gruntle

    Cleaning a second hand filter before use

    And headed for 38 today.