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  1. BiggTexx

    Acrylic Tank "salvage"

    I ran across an aquarium buried under some debris in an old barn (rocking chair, lawn furniture cushions, old clothes, etc.). It appears to be a bonded acrylic aquarium with Euro bracing (?), almost exactly as shown further below in the thread (although I am not able to verify the openings on...
  2. BiggTexx

    Mystery Snails

    Well, I woke up this morning to a surprise...   An empty Mystery Snail shell (roughly 3/4") and 100+ baby snails about the size of a pencil tip (possibly more)!  My large Mystery Snail is fat and happy (roughly 1.5"-2") and the Betta is having a nice time building another bubble nest. I will try...
  3. BiggTexx

    Mislabeled Container Blamed For Aquarium Fish Kill

    Will be interesting to find out the whole story.
  4. BiggTexx

    60 Gallon Custom Cabinet Upgrade

    I have been struggling for a while now trying to decide whether I wanted to do a conversion to a FOWLR tank or doing a custom cabinet build to replace the cheap stand my 60 gallon came with.  I haven't done a FOWLR tank in a while and may eventually get back into it, but I think I have finally...
  5. BiggTexx

    Flushing Fish - The Truth

    Every once in a while you will read or hear a horror story about someone who flushed a live, possibly unwanted, fish down the toilet.  I am sorry to break the news to all of the Finding Nemo fans out there, but there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than you would think.  The truth is...
  6. BiggTexx

    Sunsun Hw-302 "out Side" Filter

    SunSun HW-302 "Out Side" Filter   Summary   The SunSun HW-302 is a 3-stage (multistage) 1000 litre per hour (roughly 264 US gallons per hour) external canister filter (as rated by the manufacturer). Built like most other canister filters, the HW-302 contains 4 filter trays used to store your...
  7. BiggTexx

    Marineland C-360 Canister Filter

    Marineland C-360 Canister Filter   Summary   The Marineland C-360 Canister Filter is a 3-stage (multistage) 360 gallon per hour external canister filter rated for up to 100 gallon aquariums.  The filter separates into two main components, the canister and motor head. The canister stores 4 Stack...
  8. BiggTexx

    Seneye Aquarium Monitoring

    Anyone ever heard of or had experience with the Seneye Aquarium Monitoring System?  Seems like it would be a nice to have system, if it actually works...       Seneye Home Dashboard Demo   Seneye Reef Demo     Seneye Home (starting at $139)
  9. BiggTexx

    Catahoula Leopard

    This is my little girl Baylee, a red leopard Catahoula, jokingly referred to as a "Catawhat??"    The Catahoula Leopard Dog is the state dog of Lousiana (circa 1979) and named after the Catahoula Parish where they originated.  We adopted Baylee from a local shelter as a puppy who was about to be...
  10. BiggTexx

    Emergency Filter Floss Replacement

    Strange thing just started happening.  I noticed that I had tiny white particles flowing into my tank from one of my canister filters.  After just a few minutes, the entire tank was covered in free floating particles.  I managed to get the filter off and the other filter seems to be doing a good...
  11. BiggTexx

    Wall-Mounted Nano Build

    I have been tossing around an idea for a DIY wall-mounted nano tank for a few days and I decided to I either needed to start on it, or I would end up driving myself mad.     So, with that said - that time is now!  Since this will be my first nano build (I have been involved in larger builds) I...
  12. BiggTexx

    Nano Tanks

    I am thinking about starting a custom built nano tank / biotope and this may sound like a weird question, but is what the smallest tank (in gallons or liters) that would be feasible for any type of aquatic life?   For instance, a few inverts or a single Betta? I have never owned a Betta, but...
  13. BiggTexx

    60Gal Office Tropical

    Hi all!  New to the forums and the larger scale freshwater scene, but enjoyed going through all of the journals and thought I would share one of my own.   While my 'normal' cycling process may be considered taboo to most, it has treated me very well over the years and I decided that I should...