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    Tetra Easy Balance

    Hi, its me again, just been looking at the above product, has some pretty fantastic claims, the best one is it does away with weekly water changes to one every SIX months,:rolleyes: Just wondered if any member has ever used it, and if they have does it work,????????? Regards Bob
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    Cherry Shrimp

    I have a well planted 90ltr tank, i have 3 dwarf gouramis, 4 cardinals,2 small angels and 3 bottom dwellers. Can I add some shrimp and if I can how many ? Regards Bob
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    Add some colour

    I have a well planted tank but its all green and I would like to add some colour what are good plants to buy and where online should I buy them, also I would like a good floating plant that doest obstruct too much light. Regards Bob
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    I have a large planter in the garden that holds 20gl water on top is a very lush and healthy duckweed. Could I put this into my tropical aquarium, it has a glass cover a 1/4" above the level of water. Is there sufficient space for it to survive ? Regards Bob
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    ammonia in small ammount

    I have a 20gl tank, well planted, two small angels. 4 cardinal, 3 dwarf gourami, and 3 bottom dwellers, problem is I always show a slight ammonia trace although I do a water change once a week, My tank has a separate filter system at the rear of the tank, with separate compartments large...
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    Photo Size

    What size in pixels is the maximum size for photos for this forum. Regards Bob
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    Smelly Red root Wood

    Hi my tank has been up and running for about 8 weeks and I removed a piece of root to attach some Anobius plants to it and it really did smell, it has been in the tank since set-up, the tank is running great the fish are healthy the water is as clear as a bell, water parameters are OK, I soaked...