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    One Of 18 Fish Gasping, Perfect Water Conditions?

    could still have ich in the gills.  how long did you treat the tank.  Ich should be treated for a couple of weeks.  I know normally you would raise the temp to speed up ich...but it also makes it harder to breathe.  Might want to lower the temp a little. 
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    Questions About Clown Loaches

    i would say to get more yo-yos for the tank.  
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    New Starter Tanks (Cichlid & Freshwater)

    I second that you should not mix cichlids like this.  The jewel should be kept alone.  The water requirements would not work.  Some of the fish need hard water and some need soft.  Are you on the ground floor?  75 gallons of water will weigh in at 600 pounds or 272 kilograms.  Plus filter...
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    Buying A 240 Gallon Aquarium

    you could always build your own tank and take it to the next level.  It would allow you to custom fit the tank better to your home.  You should be able to purchase acrylic sheets cut to spec and then all you need to do is assemble.  
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    Is This A Fungal Infection?

    my guess is pop-eye.
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    What Small Fish To Put With Red Belly Piranhas

    true, it does require some effort.  But, it is great in between water changes.  I use it in a 55 gallon SA cichlid tank.  Very messy fish.  I use it every other day and it needs cleaned 2 - 3 times for the complete cleaning.  I keep a 5 gallon bucket with water and just pop off the filter and...
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    What Small Fish To Put With Red Belly Piranhas
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    What Small Fish To Put With Red Belly Piranhas

    I have a battery cleaner that is awesome.  I use it every other day to keep waste under control.
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    What Small Fish To Put With Red Belly Piranhas

    It will take more then a bottom feeder.  They generate their own waste.  Manually cleaning is the only way to keep a healthy tank. If sticking your hand in the tank bothers you, use a divider and clean half at a time. 
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    What Small Fish To Put With Red Belly Piranhas

      Hoplosternum catfish would be my choice. although, they are not so small.  small fish will be eaten.
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    What Small Fish To Put With Red Belly Piranhas

    do you live feed?  If you do, this may lead to issues.  But, I would expect anything you put in the tank to be food.  One day you may be late feeding and they will find a snack.  ;)
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    Need Help With My Tank

    Check for spiking ammonia and nitrites.  If you have it, before treatment do a 25% water change. If your fish can stand it, make sure the temp is 78 - 80 degrees.  Warmer water speeds up life cycle of the parasites.  A little aquarium salts will help heal up any damage from the fish rubbing. Add...
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    Best Filter? Need Advice

    Do you know if the glass is tempered?  A refugium or sump filter would be best.  If you dont have tempered glass, you can drill the glass to make an overflow.  Or you can buy or make a overflow. Then you can put your heater and UV filters in the sump.  It also increases the water volume for...
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    Internal Parasite?

    Hikari makes a small floating pellet.  My tetra's and barbs eat it.  Soaking it in water to soften it helped them get used to eating the pellets.  now, i dont soak them.
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    Internal Parasite?

    Constipation may be the issue.  What food are you using?  I had fixed it buy mixing a 3% epsom salt solution and soaking pellet food in it before feeding.  2 cups water 2 tablespoons epsom salt.  I also had to add some garlic juice to get the fish to eat it.  But, it fixed my problem after a...
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    Cichlids To Put In A 25 Gallon Tank

    what are the dimensions of the tank?  You should get a full spectrum daylight bulb.  Do you know what type of apisto you want?  You shouldn't mix species.