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    My Diy 55 Gallon Adventure

    I needed a 55 gallon for my jack dempsey,so when I was able to buy a tank for $55 i jumped on it.  Each week I will be making more as my wife has set a weekly allowance.  :) So...   Week one:   A stand is built and tank is placed.  excuse the messy.  :P  
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    My Daughters New 10 Gallon

    3 guppies and 3 platies.    She loves it.  See the video below.  The DIY internal filter is mine!
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    Feeding Issue?

    My son just got a electric blue jack dempsey.  When feeding it, things seem odd.  he tends to go to gobble some food and he misses.  a lot.  i've never scene a fish miss catching food like this.  this normal?
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    Is It Possible...

    Is it possible to have a tank stocked with nothing but various SA cichlids? 
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    I Must Be Magic

    A friend of mine has a 155 gallon bow front tank and stand.  He said I can have it for free.  I want a nice looking tank, but cant think about what to stock it with.  Nothing is going to happen soon.  I still need lighting and filtration and that will take time.  But, my mind is racing.
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    Strange Looking

    just got these guys and noticed one is very plump.  looks very odd.  should I be concerned?  
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    My First Rescue Fish

    So, I met up with a friend and went to his other friend's house.  First time meeting the guy.  Anyways, he has a fish tank that is looking pretty bad. I wish I took pics.  looks like it was painted with algae. I started talking about it and apparently his ex-wife left it and he didnt really care...
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    Diy Experiments

    Heya...I have been adding plants into my tank.  Wisteria, java fern, anubias frazeri and a small to grow amazon sword.  I've been using API co2 booster, but the mad scientist in my head took over.  I played around with multiple bottles, but had leaking issues.  Finally came across a 3 liter...
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    Fish To Fit Fantasy Themed Tank

    like the title suggest, what fish would fit best in a fantasy themed tank?  My son, after seeing my tank, wants to set one up too.  His design.  He wants the whole castles and dragons type fantasy tank.  Maybe a hilly scene with a castle...or a 3d background that resembles a medieval castle...
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    16 Gallon Setup For My Betta

    So, a co-worker gave me the tank and stand.  Perfect!  I felt bad keeping my betta, Henry, in such a small tank.  :)  I had a heater lying around.  the light doesn't work.  So, I grabbed a led light from my closet for now.  I built my filter. wife gave me and my oldest daughter a budget...
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    Dwarf Gourami

    is it possible to have multiple color variants in one tank?  an example.  a fire dwarf gourami and powder blue gourami.  would they fight or be fine?
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    Newbie Learning

    I have been given a 16 gallon tank.    I wanted to put together a planted tank for my Betta and Rasbora.  So, I started reading about setting up a planted tank.  In my reading, I see people talking CO2.     I have decided to experiment before thinking of putting fish in.  :)   With such a small...
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    16 Gallons For Henry!

    When people find out your hobby is now keeping fish, they want to unload stuff on you.  First, my mother gave a 29 gallon tank and now a coworker has given me a 16 gallon tank.  I think I will make the 16 gallon into a home for my Betta, Henry.     Im still at work and had to share.  More...
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    Hard Water Deposit Cleanup Advice

    My mother, hearing about my new found hobby, decided to donate her tank that was she decided to not use again.  She has hard water and it appears she didnt like to clean the tank.  What is the safest way to remove this buildup?  If it were my sink or shower head, I would use a calcium/lime...
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    Questions About My Results.

    I setup my tank, 29 gallon, and started a live fish cycle before I found this forum.  I ordered my master test kit, but I just got it today.  I did nutrifin cycle after I couldnt find the test kit.  I didnt want my fish to die.  :)  So, the tank is 6 days old and did my first test.  The results...
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    My Ideas On Stocking And Advice.

    My Tank: 29 Gallon (30 x 12 x 18in) 110 Liters (76 x 30 x 46cm)   My desire (it is sooooo hard!) 1- Gold Gourami 6 - Cherry Barbs 6 - Rummy-Nose Tetra 6 - Panda Cory   I've been reading on stocking limits and I am sad that this wont fit based on the inch per gallon standard.  45" of fish in a 29...
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    New Tank By New Member

    Hello,   Im brand new to this forum and brand new to this hobby.  I thought I would share some of my pictures of my tank.  I found a 29 gallon tank for very little money and on a whim I bought it.  Thus, launching me into this new hobby!  I started by roughing out a stand.     Finished the...
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    Newbie Questions

    My daughter has a 2.5 gallon tank for her Betta.  I was reading the care guide ( and it says to do a 100% water change every 4-5 days in an uncycled tank.  uh oh!  The tank is just over two weeks old and I havent...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello,   My name is Vethian or Chris.  Im new to this hobby and excited about it!  I just setup a 29 gallon tank and I am waiting on the cycle.  I wish I had looked online first about cycling.  I was directed to use fish.    I currently have 4 Cherry barbs swimming around and they seem very...