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    Amano Shrimp Killing Fish

    :)OK.I found this when tiped this to google:)I been on Chris Lukhaup show last week and he was talking about that discus fish.I did't spot any sick fish in my aquarium.I just saw it.The fish was eaten alive.I tell you that shrimp was bigger than fish.  
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    Amano Shrimp Killing Fish

    whhat is CGI?thx
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    Amano Shrimp Killing Fish

    I found this on the net.   I saw it today in my tank.Amano shrimp had one of my harlequin rasbora for lunch...My shrimps and fishes are healty and well feeded too.I heard as Amano shrimps are able to attack...
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    Coma Aqua

    hi everyone I took one photo after small update.If you really think it deserves your like, please hit the "like" bottom on facebook. I hope this is allowed at this forum. Thank you  
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    good luck ;)Looks nice rocks looks you know the name of this rocks, please
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    Coma Mini Aqua

    Thx a lot
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    Coma Mini Aqua

    Thx.We need few more weeks
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    Coma Mini Aqua

      small update from 18th day
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    February Tank Of The Month Winner

    Congratulations.You had my vote for february.
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    you killing me softly :)What a layout.I want to see this complete ;)
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    I like how you aranged stones.Realy well done.
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    February Tank Of The Month Voting Poll

    I voted for one of these.But my favorite one is not here.Laxos entry was best february entry doesn't matter why his entry is blocked.
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    Possibly The Worst Iwagumi I've Seen

    I think stone on the left side is too close to the wall and you'll find it difficult to clean it. And also try to make small space in between those two stones in the middle as when your grass will grow, it will fill out the space and it will look like one stone. Otherwise it looks nice. Wait...
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    January Tank Of The Month Winner

    thx a lot
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    Coma Mini Aqua

    Thx.It's getting better and better every day :)
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    Coma Mini Aqua

    Thx.Yes there is small space between right side and rock.It will be better visible later.
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    Shops In Leeds

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    Coma Mini Aqua

    thx.I like it too