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    Cherry Shrimp Have Stopped Breeding

    i have about 20 cherrys, they breed a couple off times but the last couple off times the females carried eggs they dropped them. there in a 10g tank states are fine and feed on veg, blood worms, fish food and brine shrimp with a temp of 78. any way to get them to breed again? thanks
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    £800 For One Shrimp!

    surely no one would pay this much for a shrimp, they only live for a couple of years! ebay
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    Blue Rams Breathing At The Surface!

    last night i noticed my pair of rams both at the surface with there mouths on the surface. no other fish is doing this not even my other blue ram. i've moved my spray bar higher, to push air into the water. i'll check the water sats. later, the rams are full of colour. is this something they...
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    Cherry Shrimp Wanted In Essex/

    as above want to pick up if poss
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    Can Cherry Shrimp Carry Eggs If There's No Male?

    i thought i only had females, but three times i've seen a female carry eggs but none have hatched. there in a shrimp only tank, so nothing eating them. anyone no?
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    Cheap Tanks At Aldi £38, 54 Litre

    seen this on another fourm so thought i would post here.Visit My Website 54 litre capacity glass tank 4mm thick glass Light and feeding slot in lid 50 watt water heater Thermometer 100ml tropical fish food Fish net Water filter Water filter replacement cartridges available from most pet...
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    Blue Rams Have Just Laid Eggs!

    come home today, an theres eggs on a leaf an the rams are fanning them. couple of question's: how long before they hatch? the eggs are about two inch's from the inlet of my external filter, i have a sponge that i can slip over the inlet would i disturb them if i try an get the sponge on...
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    Garra Behaving Wierd

    i've had a red tailed garra now for about 6 months, over the last 3-4 days he's been constantly swimming from the bottom to the top in a big circle. when i turn the lights out i keep hearing a splashing sound, like he's trying to jump out off the water. in the morning there's a dip in the sand...
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    Butterfly Fish

    i've had a butteryfly fish now for two weeks, an tonight he's been swimming down to the lower levels alot. i thought that they never vertured down? i don't think he's on the prowl as he's ignoring the other fish. anyone else seen them doing this?
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    Nightmare Week! An The Week

    i was away over the weekend, when i got home on Sunday night one off my peacock goby's had died. not surprised I've had abit off trouble feeding them. Monday one off my frogs died, don't no y he looked healthy and was eating well. Tuesday a peacock goby has just disappeared(I'm now down to...
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    Froggie Not Well!

    i was away the weekend, when i came back one off my three frogs was just floating on the top, i no they sometimes do this so didn't take no notice. today it's still just floating around and not going down when i get close to, i even touch it with my tongs to see if it's still alive. i tangled...
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    Unfiltered Tank For Cherrys

    can i keep cherry's in an unfiltered 10g tank? cheers
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    Glowlight, Pregrent Or Old Or Not Well?

    i have 5 glowlight's, latey old one of them stays on it's own in the corner it's looking bigger then the others but all so duller. it's still eating well tucking in to some blood worm this morning, i've all so notice it will chase the other tetras off. any ideas? cheers
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    Red Nose Shrimp

    anyone breed these as i have three, an noticed that one is carring eggs?
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    Copper An Shrimp

    hi i've just brought some plants from ebay,i emailed the seller asking if he use's anything with copper in the plants. he repied saying he does use some thing that contains copper to kill snails. how can i remove the copper from the plants? i've had them soaking now for in a bucket for 2...
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    White Fungus

    hi i've had my tank now for about 5 months, an not lost a fish! that was untill i brought 10 tetras (5 neon, 5 glowlight) the following day one died, i just put it down to the transfer. three days later i notice one off them has white fungus on its side, wot should i do? i also have 10 shrimp...