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  1. Colin_T

    Possible neon tetra disease?

    Stringy white poop can affect any fish. It can be from internal bacteria, internal protozoa or intestinal worms. Each problem requires a different treatment. Fish do a stringy white poop for several reasons. 1) Internal Bacterial Infections causes the fish to stop eating, swell up like a...
  2. Colin_T

    Possible neon tetra disease?

    What does the fish's poop look like? If the fish does stringy white poop, doesn't eat much, and gets skinny over a week or two, then it has an internal protozoan infection. Metronidazole is the recommended treatment for internal protozoan infections. There is a product called API General Cure...
  3. Colin_T

    Is cement and brick pond harmful to goldfish?

    Cement and brick ponds are fine for any fish that lives in alkaline water with a pH above 7.0. The cement makes the pH go up. Goldfish are fine in water with a pH above 7.0. ------------------ You can get sealers for the pond that stop the water coming in contact with the cement if you don't...
  4. Colin_T

    Gourami Troubles

    pictures and video of the fish? if it's got a bent body and stopped eating, then it's probably dying.
  5. Colin_T

    Issue with male and female pearl Gouramis

    pictures of the fish so we can confirm they are male and female and not 2 males?
  6. Colin_T

    Live Plant Help

    Have the light on. Put your hand under the surface of the water and see if there is a decent shadow on the bottom of the tank. If there is a good shadow, there should be sufficient light for plants. If there's no shadow, then there is not enough light. How long do you have the light on for each...
  7. Colin_T

    Cory Cats will arrive tomorrow!!

    1 USD to 0.60 AU :(
  8. Colin_T your thoughts here...

    That seems to be the thing in the US, someone upsets you, sue them. Someone looks at you the wrong way, sue them. Someone tries to save people's lives, sue them. I'm pretty sure the US legal system is shut down for covid19 now so how do these people plan on suing anyone? Sorry, but the...
  9. Colin_T your thoughts here...

    Update from Australia. Apparently the big outbreak of covid19 in the eastern states is primarily from security guards that were meant to be guarding hotels and buildings housing quarantined people that had come into the country from overseas. Some of the guards are claiming they weren't told...
  10. Colin_T

    Can you overdose tap water conditioner?

    You can double or even triple dose most dechlorinators without any problems. A little bit over is not going to be an issue.
  11. Colin_T

    I am getting baby chickens!

    what is HOA? The last place I lived was reasonably busy for the cops but they had quiet nights. One night when I was out walking I came across a guy laying on the road. He looked like he was dead and didn't move when I poked him with a stick. I called the cops and said there might be a dead guy...
  12. Colin_T

    Is peat moss my solution?

    For captive bred fish, yes a pH of 7.8 is fine. For wild caught fish, no they need a lower pH. But stuff like Apistogramma cacatuoides have been captive bred all around the world for over 30 years and they are fine in water with a pH above 7.0. I bred all my fish in water with a pH above 7.8.
  13. Colin_T

    I am getting baby chickens!

    We have council laws in Australia about long dry grass on your property because it presents a fire hazard, but it has to be over 12 inches high and the entire property has to be covered in it. Even then the council simply sends you a letter saying shorten the lawn in the next 2 weeks or we will...
  14. Colin_T

    I am getting baby chickens!

    What's that about, were you getting rid of the males?
  15. Colin_T

    Fin Nipping or Fin Rot on my guppy

    Fish do a stringy white poop for several reasons. 1) Internal Bacterial Infections causes the fish to stop eating, swell up like a balloon, breath heavily at the surface or near a filter outlet, do stringy white poop, and die within 24-48 hours of showing these symptoms. This cannot normally be...
  16. Colin_T

    Fungus, Ick or something else??

    148ppm is a bit soft for mollies but it isn't causing this.
  17. Colin_T

    Dwarf puffer not moving much

    You can feed them on any type of frozen fish food including: brineshrimp, daphnia, mysis shrimp, prawn, fish, octopus/ squid, bloodworms, etc. Snails are also good for them to help keep their teeth in good shape.
  18. Colin_T

    Shiny scales ir patches near the betta gills

    Do you have a picture of the fish before he developed the marks on his gill covers? It looks a bit like a bacterial infection but I have never seen the glow bettas before so the colours are confusing the issue a bit.
  19. Colin_T

    What are these?

    Any idea how much they charge for dry rock? I'm with shabash in thinking they sent you dry rock as live rock. The stuff in your tank looks like dry limestone rock I use to get from the beach, and looks nothing like the live rock we got at the shop. -------------- Live rock will have beneficial...
  20. Colin_T

    Planted Tank or Predator Reef Tank

    I don't know how long that tank has been set up but I would not recommend keeping a marine tank like that. The corals need clean water and the lionfish and eel are going to eat a lot and produce a lot of protein and waste. Some of this will be dealt with by the protein skimmer but it won't keep...