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    South American Aquarium Gallery

    Thank you for your compliments, I think it would look better with more rooted plants and would love to add some; but it might be very hard for me to maintain those as my sand substrate is not so deep and all of my geophagus will just dig them up before they can develop. Gotta stick with those...
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    South American Aquarium Gallery

    And full tank shots of both:
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    South American Aquarium Gallery

    South American tanks Big photo shoot, wanted to document them somewhere Fish of note - 800 gallon: Crenicichla sp. Atabapo, Geophagus Hybrid (Sveni x sp. Gurupi) G. Sveni, G. Winemilleri, red tiger severum, wild scalare angels "Rio Nanay", L025 Fish of note - custom 5 foot long: Crenicichla...
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    Help id my pike Cichlids

    Thanks, they’re my medium sized cichlids in my 800 gallon South American tank I’m not sure what type of Atabapo it is as there are three types: Lugubris Atabapo, Atabapo I, Atabapo II When I see their stripes and their cheeks when they flare up it leads me to believe they are atabapo II. But...
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    Help id my pike Cichlids

    I’m not sure what type of pike my crenicichlas are They were sold as Atabapo II which is believable but I think they also resemble johannas
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    Buying adult angelfish

    Thanks for the advice Yes of course, earlier this year I set up a cycled 75 gallon tank in case my L025s had issues and plan to use that in case these angels run into any issues. I do not plan on quarantining the angels as they have been in a species only tank at the store since December last...
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    Buying adult angelfish

    Thanks, I shall take your advice and alternate with batches under artificial care and parent care for my Geophagus and the Angels. So how many pairs do you think I can possibly get with a group of 6, 8, or 10 adults? Is there a number set in stone? Or is it mainly luck? I would like to know...
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    Buying adult angelfish

    Alright, Thanks for the advice Collin, You seem to be experienced in wild angels, my plan was to put them in my 300 gal with my 4 geophagus surinamensis; 2 of them are a spawning pair and the other 2 are both females. There is also my adult sexed pair of L025 which I hope breed in the future in...
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    Buying adult angelfish

    I finally managed to find wild spotted Rio Nanay angels for sale. I was planning to buy a big group (like a group of 5-6) to put in my 300 gallon aquarium to hopefully find a breeding pair but when I visited the store, the only ones they had were full grown massive adults. I heard that buying...
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    Surprising fiskeeping moments?

    Last month, I had to move my tarpon to my dad's koi pond because it was being bullied by my Arowana in my 600 gallon aquarium. It has always eaten frozen shrimp and fish from the grocery store, but after a few weeks in the pond, my tarpon stopped accepting the meaty foods that we offered it and...
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    Not sure what it is

    That is a chinese algae eater
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    Cycling and stocking questions

    About the angelfish, if you really love them and are willing to pay a high price, I would suggest Pterophylum Leopoldi. It is a more unique and rarer angelfish that is only available wild-caught but gets to a size of 2 inches, making it the smallest angelfish and a suitable choice for your tank...
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    3 gallon planted aquarium stocking

    Although some might disagree, I believe that fish that don't get over 2 inches, enjoy/are ok with being alone and don't swim a lot will work in a 3 gallon aquarium A single dwarf pufferfish will work, but you must make sure the aquarium is plenty decorated with many places to explore as it is a...
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    How to add GREEN FOOD to Black Ghost Knifes diet?

    If you can't get it to eat company made fish foods, you can try offering it brine shrimp gut loaded with vegetable matter. That way you can transfer the greens into the BGK by feeding it a live animal, which a predator like the BGK is more likely to eat Bloodworms are high in fat. I know that...
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    3 gallon planted aquarium stocking

    shrimp and snails Sulawesi shrimp are cool and as for snails, nerite and assassins are cool
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    Questions regarding cory breeding

    I am receiving a group of corydoras eques, 2 females 4 males and intend to breed them. I have bred cories before, but have always used: - sand as a substrate - a jar with an airstone to hold the babies - a hang-on-back filter After doing lots of research, I learned that cories sometimes bury...
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    Help with 7 gallon stocking

    You could also look into apistogramma species if you are interested in cichlids of similar behavior. Try Apistogramma Borelli for a small species that can stay as a pair in your 7 gallon. Also, fish that are born and raised in captivity, given that they are raised in different water qualities...
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    Plant identification

    I have exactly that, hornwort in a tropical pond. Also, what do you mean by coldwater, icy cold? Or just relatively cold? I have the tank at a constant 25-26 celsius because of my fissidens nobilis I have never actually used water sprite as a floating plant, only ever as a plant in my...