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  1. Goggy

    South American Aquarium Gallery

    South American tanks Big photo shoot, wanted to document them somewhere Fish of note - 800 gallon: Crenicichla sp. Atabapo, Geophagus Hybrid (Sveni x sp. Gurupi) G. Sveni, G. Winemilleri, red tiger severum, wild scalare angels "Rio Nanay", L025 Fish of note - custom 5 foot long: Crenicichla...
  2. Goggy

    Help id my pike Cichlids

    I’m not sure what type of pike my crenicichlas are They were sold as Atabapo II which is believable but I think they also resemble johannas
  3. Goggy

    Buying adult angelfish

    I finally managed to find wild spotted Rio Nanay angels for sale. I was planning to buy a big group (like a group of 5-6) to put in my 300 gallon aquarium to hopefully find a breeding pair but when I visited the store, the only ones they had were full grown massive adults. I heard that buying...
  4. Goggy

    Questions regarding cory breeding

    I am receiving a group of corydoras eques, 2 females 4 males and intend to breed them. I have bred cories before, but have always used: - sand as a substrate - a jar with an airstone to hold the babies - a hang-on-back filter After doing lots of research, I learned that cories sometimes bury...
  5. Goggy

    Plant identification

    I recently bought this plant that can latch on to driftwood but I forgot the name. In the photo i tied it onto my redroot wood. I also have a BBA problem in a separate tank, any recommendations will be appreciated. Here is my plant: I would also like some opinions on my aquarium's hardscape...
  6. Goggy

    Tankmate ideas

    My 600-gallon fish tank currently contains 9 silver dollars, 1 Flagtail prochilodus and an Asian blue base crossback, the tank looking pretty bland, so i need ideas for a new tankmate Requirements: Cannot be a schooling middle-region fish (i already have silver dollars) Cannot eat the silver...
  7. Goggy

    600 Gallon (2300 Litre) Arowana Tank

    I am back, and I have finally finished cycling my massive tank. I have stocked it with 9 Tiger stripe silver dollars and a Flagtail Prochilodus. I will be receiving a Trinity golden arowana next saturday. Here is my...
  8. Goggy

    Green Chapter

    Has anyone seen this? its a stunning tropical pond by a Southeast Asian aquascape group I just wanna share it with people
  9. Goggy

    My Biggest Tank Yet

    I am setting up an Asian arowana tank, and the aquarium our family got is MASSIVE. It is a 600 US gallon 9ft by 3ft by 3ft fishtank. (the filter is quite impressive, it is my old Juwel Rio transformed into a massive 110 gallon waterfall filter)  Sad news, my Golden cross back arowana jumped out...
  10. Goggy

    Arowana + Rays

    Can i keep an asian arowana with a potomatrygon leopoldi? If so, how will i feed it? My arowana is willing to dive to the tank floor to get a shrimp, will it and the ray fight?   Also, im kinda back
  11. Goggy

    Tropical Ponds

    So, as many of you know, my silver aro recently passed away, and my pond no longer has a monster. My golden crossback will be joining the pond over the course of a few months. But right now the pond is just: 9 koi, 2 walking catfish, 1 featherfin catfish, 1 pictus catfish, 3 bala sharks, 3...
  12. Goggy

    Clown Loaches

    Ive have 3 clown loaches in my 110 gallon arowana tank for around 2 months now. I want to know, should i add more loaches? or am i alowed to keep them in groups of 3? Thanks!
  13. Goggy

    Promising Products?

    This filter looks super promising: And this automatic tank cleaner looks really fun to have in the tank:   Anyone use these before? Thanks!
  14. Goggy


    Can i keep ottos in a 10 gallon with a betta? Thanks
  15. Goggy

    My Asian Arowana

    So I didn't actually fully introduce my Asian arowana to this forum yet. Please note that I got this arowana 2 weeks before my silver passed away, so my Asian arowana is definitely not replacement for my silver. So, he is a Golden Crossback Asian Arowana. He is three 4 months old and was born...
  16. Goggy

    New Zebra Plecos

    Here is my planted zebra pleco tank. i have 2 plecos and got themtoday and they are so cute! Thanks twotankamin for giving me some info about zebra plecos This is my first time using photo bucket, hope it works:
  17. Goggy

    The Worst Part About This Hobby

    My dog fell into my pond, and it made my 3 feet silver arowana jump out. the dog was rescued, and our gardener tried to help my arowana while he was on the ground by putting him back into the water, but the aro didnt make it. I truly hate it when my fish die.  
  18. Goggy

    Error The Server Returned An Error During Upload

    Anyone know why i cant post photos? This keeps coming up: Error The server returned an error during upload thanks!
  19. Goggy

    Goggy's Tanks

    Ok, here we go, time to start my journal on my fish tanks. it seems like all the cool people have journals so i guess i will start one too! This will be about: my 30 Gal Puffer tank 130 Gal (grow-out) Arowana and Loach tank And maybe the family pond   Photos incomming!   
  20. Goggy

    Stocking Cycled 100 Gallon

    Ive recently decided to stock my empty 100 gallon, i was thinking of an Arowana outgrow tank Ideas?   Also does anyone have an idea what an "Inscribed Arowana" is? its supposed to be a new species but i havent found much decent sites for the tank. Thanks!