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  1. fishyfeet

    Free To Good Home

    i would have taken the lot, never might not worth the travel for 2 fish
  2. fishyfeet

    Paradise Fish Free To Good Home Essex

    where abouts are you im in maldon, i cant pick up this week though
  3. fishyfeet

    Shrimp Wanted

    if you can get them for £1 each at the fish shop its cheaper than buying them from me and adding postage, so i would do that then, they are £3 - £5  each here.
  4. fishyfeet

    Shrimp Wanted

    hiya   ive some mixed ones, cherry, rock and tiger shrimps, nothing special, £1 each plus postage. you get a mixture, usually bag full of youngsters and its hard to tell the difference. depends what you want, di  
  5. fishyfeet

    Wanted - Ramshorn Snails, Pink And Blue

    i have red ones, how many do you want if you want red
  6. fishyfeet

    Aquael Bow Front Tank Cm9 Area

    Equipment make/model/size: 26 ltres  Quantity for sale:  1 Reason for Sale:  person was giving up hobby  Delivery or Collection: collection  Sales price: £30 Postage & Packaging: no  Location: cm9 area essex Photograph   come with new filter, heater, gravel etc 
  7. fishyfeet

    Bristlenose Plecs Male And Females Cm Area Essex

    Livestock: bristlenose plecs Quantity for sale: 10 Reason for Sale: too many Delivery or Collection: either within reason Sales price: £3.50 each Postage & Packaging: n/a Location: cm area of essex Photograph: send email address for photos.
  8. fishyfeet

    Common Plec £20 Tiptree Essex

    Livestock: common plec Quantity for sale: only the one Reason for Sale: too big for tank Delivery or Collection: of course i cant post Sales price: £20 Postage & Packaging: not a chance Location: near maldon essex cm9 area Photograph: available photo bucket doenst seem to be working...
  9. fishyfeet

    Rena 200w Smart Heater Swap For Anything!

    lol typical pays to check or to let me know what you have and we can sort something out.
  10. fishyfeet

    Buying Fish Online

    ive brought online, and and posted myself, if done properly there is no problem, just had 10 baby kribs sent by peter clarke, see for sale board, blinking excellent, just the way it should be done, if people know what they are doing there is no prob at all, how do you think fish get to fish...
  11. fishyfeet

    Rena 200w Smart Heater Swap For Anything!

    Hey just reaslised you are in colchester im out near tiptree, i would happy to swap the heater or anything else you may have, for shrimps, guppies, shrimps, plants, some ornaments and fake plants - take your pic. di
  12. fishyfeet

    200+ Super Red Kribensis Young

    just to say thanks for the fish, perfect as always well packed beautiful fish, i will watch them grow and colour with interest, thankyou, let me know from time to time what you have. thanks di
  13. fishyfeet

    Help With Converting T8 To T5

    Hi, Can anyone advise me i have a hagen tank it used to take light tubes 18w, 24" but one of the connecters sparked and now the lights dont work, i found somewhere that sells the connectors, and being clever i thought i would replace all 4 and get T5's instead as they sell both, ive dont this...
  14. fishyfeet

    200+ Super Red Kribensis Young

    money sent peter, look forward to getting them on Wednesday at work, please check the address is right
  15. fishyfeet

    200+ Super Red Kribensis Young

    thanks peter will sort you out a payment at the weekend, prob post tuesday to be delivered at my place of work im alone on wed so i know i will be there to receive them knowing my luck i will all the males in the batch, lol if no payment has arrive sunday evening give me a kick, thanks...
  16. fishyfeet

    200+ Super Red Kribensis Young

    yes please peter, and do you best to ensure more females than males if poss, i know its a guess let me know how much, i have paypal
  17. fishyfeet

    200+ Super Red Kribensis Young

    can i have 10 please
  18. fishyfeet

    Common Plec £10 Tiptree Essex

    such a lovely fish i rescued him but i havent the room to keep him long, he is in a 20gal tank on his own for now, pics available he is about 6/7 inches, lovely colours Livestock: Common plec Age and condition: nice and healthy Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: so he can grow as big as he...
  19. fishyfeet

    Fluval Duo 800 Lighting Connecter Fault

    My lights have gone off, on inspection on of the connectors has be arcing and i dont think it works anymore, i cant seem to find a stockist of the connectors anywhere online, Can anyone help please, id even buy a new hood but they dont make them anymore. Diane
  20. fishyfeet

    Wanted Female B/n Plec Essex

    Ive a very active b/n male and he needs a partner, she could be long finned, or albino, whatever, im in essex so either local or posted.