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  2. friezafish

    Planaria or Detritus Worms ID / Shrimp ID

    Hello, could someone please help determine if these worms are dangerous or beneficial? I received them in my recent shipment of shrimp. There are little worms and tiny specks like springtails or something? Also, I believe I have Aqua Huna / Blue Dream Shrimp? side note: Not sure of grading and...
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  5. friezafish

    Controlling Nitrite/Nitrate Levels (Water Parameters)

    The cholla wood is advertised as safe for Plecos and Shrimp for biofilm (since it’s slowly decaying). I did lower the temperatures yesterday after seeing that they thrive better under lower temps. My heater doesn’t disperse heat that well, so it’s not exactly 86 degrees. It takes a while to come...
  6. friezafish

    Controlling Nitrite/Nitrate Levels (Water Parameters)

    Yes, I’m aware the salts are for distilled water. I was just asking for possible future use. I’m not planning on using tap water from now on due to the murky water. I was thinking a mix of rain water and distilled water. As far as the “extra stuff”, I’m using the Algone(clear nitrates/algae) and...
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  11. friezafish

    Controlling Nitrite/Nitrate Levels (Water Parameters)

    Yeah. I’m wondering if I’ll need to use distilled water for that as well. Wish I could get an RO/DI system, but distilled water is the next best thing. edit: did a 4th water change with half collected rain water and half distilled hoping it helps. everyone seems a lot happier including the Nerite.
  12. friezafish

    Controlling Nitrite/Nitrate Levels (Water Parameters)

    Nope, the water is murky. I’m also having problems in a 5G tank that I also did a water change in (without the Cholla wood).
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  15. friezafish

    Controlling Nitrite/Nitrate Levels (Water Parameters)

    Still experiencing algae / murky water after 3 water changes. Added Algone and 2 Wonder-Shells to help clear the water. Please help ID this shrimp? What would I need to purchase to re-mineralize distilled water for this shrimp? I’m finding that my tap water is really murky. See photos.
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  17. friezafish

    Controlling Nitrite/Nitrate Levels (Water Parameters)

    Update: Much better. Thanks everyone for the help. @JuiceBox52 @Colin_T
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  20. friezafish

    Controlling Nitrite/Nitrate Levels (Water Parameters)

    Okay, how much of a water change should I do this time? I’m reading that the algae remover would’ve killed my shrimp and snails, so I immediately removed it from my cart.