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  1. Sylvan

    Let's discuss about rare fish

    I think the closest I get to rare fish is my Betta Coccina, just because you don't see them for sale round me very often. I think public aquariums are missing out by not focusing on fresh water fish a bit more, I'd love to see more fresh water tanks. The only one round me that does is Bolton...
  2. Sylvan

    What are you doing today?

    I've done a 7 mile walk as prep for my ongoing charity hikes plus the Yorkshire 3 peaks in September and taught myself to knit on double pointed needles in the round. Tomorrow is a fish day.
  3. Sylvan your thoughts here...

    I tested positive for Covid-19 on Boxing day 2021. When I tested I had no symptoms but lived with someone who started showing symptoms. My symptoms started on the 27th. I was a healthy 29 year old when I caught it and lived with someone who was developing stage 4 cancer. She wasn't too bad. Me...
  4. Sylvan

    What can live with Pea Puffers?

    They would if the snails hadn't disappeared into the sand as soon as they went in the tank.
  5. Sylvan

    What can live with Pea Puffers?

    My pea puffers are housed with shrimp and snails. They don't go after the adult shrimps but they definitely go after the shrimplets. I wouldn't move them into my community tank unless it was my last option, they tried to take a chunk out of my knuckle when I was moving some plants in their tank.
  6. Sylvan

    How old are yours? Mine were close to a year old, I think, before they even started showing...

    How old are yours? Mine were close to a year old, I think, before they even started showing interest in breeding. The offspring have only started showing interest at around 2 years old, whether it's because they're siblings or not but I suspect betta Coccina may mature slightly later than Splendens.
  7. Sylvan

    I got lucky with mine, I never really had to do that much with them. I had them as a group so...

    I got lucky with mine, I never really had to do that much with them. I had them as a group so multiple males and females together, the females choose which male they wanted then I moved the pair into a different tank and left them to it. I got the lot I bred from a spawning where I actually left...
  8. Sylvan

    Mine in the low 6s I think.

    Mine in the low 6s I think.
  9. Sylvan

    I became a stranger's daddy today...

    I went to a local museum with my sister this year and she had this toddler run up to her and claim her as mum while we were just trying to look at exhibits
  10. Sylvan

    Which betta is better lol

    I do like a big tailed betta but I don't if I'd get one again because I can't keep them alive. My plaket betta and my wild bettas are still going strong so I'll stick with them.
  11. Sylvan

    Which betta is better lol

    Neither. Wild bettas are the best.
  12. Sylvan

    Betta Coccina Breeding Tank

    It's been nearly 3 years since I bred this lot. I have 4 males and 1 suspected female left from the original breeding. My tank was absolutely annhilated by whitespot when I was away for an extended week. The males are absolutely stunning, deep red bodies with electric blue on the edge of the...
  13. Sylvan

    What everyone else want for Christmas bit late

    I'd like experiences. I have enough stuff, I don't really need anything else but I'd like the memories... Or yarn, I could always have more yarn
  14. Sylvan

    Share Anything Christmas

    The one time I dress my feral chihuahua up
  15. Sylvan


    I'm jealous. I live in Manchester, England and even when the rest of the country is covered in snow it's usually still raining in Manchester. There was one year where the weather maps showed everywhere else in the UK as covered in snow apart from the green patch that was Manchester because it...
  16. Sylvan

    Vote Now! - November 2020 Pet of the Month contest

    This is Edie. She's an 8 week old puppy, she is half pug, a quarter wire haired dachshund and a quarter poodle which has all added up to produce a miniature labrador like puppy. We have only just gotten her so she knows no tricks for the moment apart from sounding like an alarm clock in the...
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  18. Sylvan

    Odd Dragonfly Nymph thing found in aquarium

    Keep an eye out for more. I introduced them by accident on a plant into my shrimp tank. Caught one then a month later pulled about 10 more out over a week.
  19. Sylvan

    Share your bettas

    One of my Betta Coccina fry.