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  1. bricko

    What's With The Exclusive Area?

    I don't have access to this area lol
  2. bricko

    Platinum Acara Babies

    That is a good point Muncro, as long as I can sort something out with the fry and they don't become overly aggressive to other fish then I may keep them together.   I was convinced they were both male, in fact at one point I thought I would have to rehome one as they tore each other apart, lip...
  3. bricko

    Platinum Acara Babies

    Hi Guys,   Not posted anything for a while.  I need some advice on what to do in my 600l tank.   It is heavily planted and contains 2 platinum acara (thought they were both male), 1 firemouth, 1 gold severum, 1 red head severum, 5 denisoni barbs, 6 mascra barbs, 7 zebra loach and about...
  4. bricko

    Leaking Tank Leads To New Beginnings

    Just put the old filter media in the new filter and you are good to go :)
  5. bricko

    Eheim Vs Fluval

    Eheim all the way.   I run two eheim externals on my 600l tank.  They have both been running for years, are low maintenance (maybe every 5 - 6 months) and are whisper quiet.   I have a pro 3e which even purges any excess air in the canister automatically and a pro 3 thermo which has a built in...
  6. bricko

    What Filters For 650 Litre Tank ?

    I use Eheim Pro 3 2180 with built in heater and a Pro 3e 2075 with hydor in line heater and my filtration and flow rate is brilliant with very little visible pipework in the tank, this is mainly due to a 'false weir' on the right hand side of the tank (600ltr) which hides the inlets, the tank is...
  7. bricko

    Snail Eating, Plant-Friendly Community Fish

    I have seven botia strata in my 600l planted tank andnot a snail in sight :)   Very playful loaches in the right numbers also and very active during lights on and feeding times.  My only nemesis in my planted tank are my 2 severums which like to pick holes in my amazon sword and pluck the moss...
  8. bricko

    Juwel 180 Vision - Planted

    Get some botia strata and your dnails will be history
  9. bricko

    6 Ft Tank And Oak Cabinet

    Bumping!   Still not gone on ebay, make me an offer people, collection only
  10. bricko

    Tips On Safely Moving 200L Tank

    I would just discard the old substrate, playsand is perfectly fine for a planted tank and most of the nutrients are picked up in the water column anyway.  Thats all I added into the new tank and plants are thriving, you may want to add some fertiliser tabs to any root heavy plants like swords...
  11. bricko

    Tips On Safely Moving 200L Tank

    I moved home in June this year and had to relocate my 400 l planted tank.  In the end I bought a brand new 600l tank and set this up with substrate and moved one of my filters and heaters over the day prior to moving.  (I was fortunate that the owners of the house I was buying permitted me to do...
  12. bricko

    6 Ft Tank And Oak Cabinet

    Any offers? Will be going on EBay next week if not
  13. bricko

    6 Ft Tank And Oak Cabinet

    I am selling my old tank and am open to offers.   Tank dimensions are 6ft x 2ft x 1.25ft - aprox 440 ltrs Comes with light oak solid cabinet and hood.   No scratches on the glass but a couple of water marks on the cabinet, generally in excellent condition about 3 years old   Collection only  ...
  14. bricko

    Techens 450 Litre/120 Gallon Planted Tank

    Brilliant mate! Love the Barbs
  15. bricko

    Some Advice Restocking After Disaster

    Rotkeil Sev and Blue Acara are pretty peaceful. I keep them in a 400l with 9 Denisoni Barb, 6 Zebra Loach, 3 SAE and 4 Bristlenose. They have to be quick at feeding times as the barbs are very hungry! %This is also a heavily planted setup so helps disperse any line of sight / territorial issues...
  16. bricko

    Co2 Into Uplift

    2nd vote for inline diffusers, less equipment in the tank and if you set it up on your outflow you wont get 'trapped' C02 in your filter building up.
  17. bricko

    One Of My Loaches Doesn't Look Great :(

    Sorry I cant help with the disease diagnosis but if metals and chlorine are issues in your household maybe try one of these in the link below. I perform twice weekly 25% water changes on my 400l and add the water back in straight from the tap using one of these and a splash of tap safe for good...
  18. bricko

    Fish Feeding - Away For 2 Nights - Advise?

    Hi, Fish will be absolutely fine without food for this length of time, in actual fact it does them good to have a few days without food now and again. I deliberately give my tank a fasting day every week. Hope this helps
  19. bricko

    Hello There! From Bc Canada

    Welcome to the forum, I go Sturgeon fishing in Chillawack BC each summer on the Fraser. Absolutely beautiful country.
  20. bricko

    Advice On How Im Doing With Tropical Freshwater Aqua Culture.

      thanks. no i do not remineralise my ro water before adding it. it's at an apartment and the tap has fluoride and chlorine.  the water i use now is RO 0 ppms. i could get well water from my house. its about 170ppms 7.8 ph.   my lights are on 18 hours. 6 hours the lights are off.   where do you...