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  1. tomtomtom1230

    Thoughts On Why Lfs Employees Are So Bad?

    I take this quite personally since I work at a brand new chain-store-to-be in the UK based in the West Midlands. Why don't people who are passionate about animal welfare work at pet stores? They do. I do, at least and I like to think I can give some Stella advice. If I don't know something I...
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    Siamese Algae Eater (Are They True?)

    Flying foxes tend to have black blotches on their undercarriage fins (and likewise with their dorsal) if I'm correct which leads me to believe that this is a Siamese Algae Eater.
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    Update On The Tanganyikans!

    Haha thanks, it was only taken with my iphone 4S but I guess once you know how the camera works, it's all gravy!   I have had a sausage sarnie this morning with a very sweet, black coffee which has seen me well so far!   Hopefully, when the tank clears up a bit (I've just done a shed load of...
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    Oops Too Many Bloodworms!

    I believe Bloodworms are Midge larvae?
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    Update On The Tanganyikans!

    Image can be clicked on to enlarge.   Soooooo, I bought 4 N. Multifasciatus for my 125l tank and they are the most industrious fish I know of. Alongside ruining my careful aquascape (which I admittedly was prepared for), they've buried my Vallis and tried to bury each others' shells! Now I've...
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    Please Help.. Not Sure What Is Wrong

    It might not be ich per se. Doesn't Velvet's disease give a sparkly appearance?
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    My Project Tank

    They aren't the twist-to-tighten end caps are they? I know some ballasts have a screw fitted tighteners. I can't help you with the silicon I'm afraid!
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    Look What Followed Me Home!

    I imagine they could/would take it raw. I'd be tempted to soak it in dechlorinated water for a couple hours beforehand, rather than cooking it, though I'm unsure.
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    Stocking For New Tank

    Hillstream loach are a really nice fish to keep with some interesting routines and mannerisms once established in a tank   EDIT: I'm unsure, but are Hillstream loach and butterfly plecs related at all?
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    My Project Tank

    Haha aw man, if you were about 75 miles closer, the store I work at has a big selection of condensation trays right up to 56"! Although I suspect you could just cut a sheet of corrugated acrylic or untreated plastic to size. Something that's not going to go funny if it was to get hot from the...
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    Why Do You Like Fishkeeping?

    Yeah I know those feelings! And then they pretend it never happened or turn to look at the offending object as if it is the object's fault!
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    Buy a new tank. Honey Gourami stay small right? I think it's a great idea to set up a new tank :P I believe they're not a fan of 'fresh' tanks though.
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    Special Offer If Anyone Is Interested

    Yeah and like harvard referencing, a clear date and time or deadline for the offer will have to be listed. I know the posts are individually date stamped but I think the clearer the better to help avoid confusion and inevitable disappointment.
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    Was At The Fish Shop Yesterday......

    I get this treatment a lot where I work and in that instance I'd have to refuse the sale due to the care requirements not being met for the animal. I regularly hold workshops for the kids and parents anyway and get them to grips with the basics of the nitrogen cycle and how it'll benefit their...
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    Special Offer If Anyone Is Interested

    Mmm, this is true. It worked out OK in my head :P
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    Special Offer If Anyone Is Interested

    Perhaps we should start a thread that we can inform people of offers we've seen in various places? Is there already one? True dat.
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    Which Tank?

    I voted AquaOne, purely on the basis of lighting and spare parts if something should go wrong. AquaOne are everywhere whereas Blue Plant is few and far between.
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    Omg. This Is The Kind Of Information Out There.

    I try, you guys are gonna have to start paying me :P
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    Omg. This Is The Kind Of Information Out There.

    I'm the guy on there that's ranting and raving at every body :P I even got a sneaky plug for fish in ;)
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    My Project Tank

    Yeah. It may differ slightly. My supplier tells me that everything from the cold tap (hot tap is different since it needs to be heated and go through several boilers and stuff) should be 18 degrees general hardness @ pH 7.8 but it's not. It's 21 degrees of gH @ a pH of 8.1-8.2! Hence why I'm so...