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  1. Geordie Paul

    Most effective snail for plant decay

    What I do for my dead leaves is usually just stuck them out with my gravel vac. I do have Bladder snails but they don't eat that much because they are pretty small. But they will eat small amounts of decaying plants.
  2. Geordie Paul

    Kuhli Loach identification

    Also he's in a 35 long aquarium with 3 other normal striped Kuhli's
  3. Geordie Paul

    Kuhli Loach identification

    Does anyone know what type of Kuhli Loach this guy is? He's always just had a blue/grey body with no stripes. I've had him for over a year now and still unsure. He's very healthy and comes out to eat every day. Any thoughts?
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  7. Geordie Paul

    Rainbowfish Sexing

    Thank you very much
  8. Geordie Paul

    Rainbowfish Sexing

    Hey guys this is my Turquoise Rainbow (Melanotaenia lacustris). I've had him for 13 months now and I'm pretty sure he's male but he never really developed that small face and large back like other males I have seen. What do you think, male or female? (I couldn't get him to swim under the light...
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  12. Geordie Paul

    Pregnant guppy gave birth to only 4 fry

    My guppy first had only 4 fry, then she had 8, then she had 15. She'll most likely have more next time. She may have eaten some as well. Keep her well fed it takes lots of energy to give healthy birth.
  13. Geordie Paul

    Corys whiskers and gravel - Truth or Myth

    Ok here's my honest opinion. I don't think gravel is good for the barbs of some species of Cory's. I have 5 sterbai on gravel and they've all lost their barbs unfortunately. However they are still healthy and have been living fine without their barbs for well over a year now. I also have a small...
  14. Geordie Paul

    Tankmates for betta

    A trio of Celestial Pearl Danios or male endlers would probably be fine. I've kept them with multiple different bettas. I'd say no to small shrimp. They might peck at baby snails, but probably won't eat them. Nerite snails work well with bettas though.
  15. Geordie Paul

    Algae or Moss identification

    Does anyone know what exactly this is growing in my plants? I've been removing some every 3 days or so and it grows back as expected. It's not doing any harm just wondering what it is and if it can be beneficial. Not sure if it's a Moss or type of algae, but It's very green and stringy.
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  18. Geordie Paul

    14 Gallon tank stocking idea

    I have 3 in a 16 gallon and 5 in my 35 and they are usually always out as well lol
  19. Geordie Paul

    14 Gallon tank stocking idea

    You should be fine, the loaches love to hide and don't take up much space in the tank. The other fish probably won't even notice they are there most of the time! Just change 30-40% of the water once a week and you'll be fine.
  20. Geordie Paul

    friend got betta ,probably not ready for it

    Ya Anubis or Java fern will be good!