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  1. Bruce1975

    Redoing sealant- how to cure faster?

    Hi, so I have to redo the sealant in my aquarium and I have all of equipment to do it, I was just wondering if I could do something to help speed up the curing process? If I spray some water in the tank and cover the top with Saran Wrap will that help? I was reading that humidity helps speed the...
  2. Bruce1975

    Bubbles underneath sealant

    Hi, so I have a 125 gallon tank and just a few months ago I noticed many tiny bubbles underneath the sealant. I was hoping it wouldn’t get any worse because I really didn’t want to have to go through the trouble of emptying the tank, moving the fish, removing the sealant and redoing it… buuut I...
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  7. Bruce1975

    Oscar is floating up, can’t stay under water

    Do you have an idea on how I can get her to eat them? I’ve been trying and she wants nothing to do with them lol
  8. Bruce1975

    Oscar is floating up, can’t stay under water

    So one of my oscars can’t swim down. Every time she tries to, she just floats back up. The first thing I did was check the water parameters and everything thing is fine, so it’s not that. I don’t know if she has swim bladder disease? Or if she’s full of air or food? I’m not sure what to do...
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  11. Bruce1975

    Hole in head (Oscar)

    Okay, thank you!
  12. Bruce1975

    Hole in head (Oscar)

    Hi, so I have two oscars and I started to notice some pits developing around their face and head. I did some research and I believe it is hole in head disease. It wasn’t an extreme case in either of them, it was very mild. I ended up buying API General Cure(which is Metronidazole and...
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  15. Bruce1975

    What is this?

    Okay, thank you!
  16. Bruce1975

    What is this?

    I just woke up to see these white balls all over the manzanita I bought. It’s been in the tank for 5 days and the stuff is only on the wood. Is this algae or some kind of bacteria?
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  20. Bruce1975

    Plants that snails and silver dollars won’t eat?

    Oh jeez.. maybe I shouldn’t get them. I really need dither fish but I don’t have the money to keep replacing plants if they’re going to constantly eat them. I have two large oscars that are getting pretty rough with their mating rituals and I don’t know what fish to get now. I’m kinda lost lol