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  1. bullit

    Do My Cichlids Look Ok?

    I think there ok, looks like the colour.  Fish do flash on sand sometimes but yeah this also can mean they are irritant of something. cheers
  2. bullit

    Do My Cichlids Look Ok?

    The fish are more likely checking out there new tank than there being a prob. The colours of the fish is prob what youd expect of a fish shop but still look ok. For future purchases id use private breeders as you get a better quality of fish. cheers
  3. bullit

    Rana The Iguana

    Little baba. Just always make sure you handle it quite often as when there adult they can be gits if not held etc. :)
  4. bullit

    Malawi Rock And Substrate Options

    i find the sand the best as the poo stays on top so easier to clean. The fish like sifting it aswell. For rocks i go to a stream or brook to fetch them. Could try garden centres. cheers
  5. bullit

    Tank Troubles

    You need to overstock the fish to spread aggression. You need plenty of rockwork. cheers
  6. bullit

    Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis Fry

    Good stuff :)
  7. bullit

    Tanganyika Tank Ideas

    If you went for some meeli, you could also go for some xenos. Your paracyps will like high rockwork. Gobys are another option. cheers
  8. bullit

    Good African Cichlid Books?

    Ad konings- Back to nature series. Also cichlid forum has a profile section that lists pretty much everything. cheers
  9. bullit

    Fish Compatibility With African Cichlids

    epsalt salt is fine for africans
  10. bullit

    African Cichlid Died Today... Why?

    Is put some more rocks in aswell
  11. bullit

    Water For Malawi

    Think thats going a bit fa. To start just find out your ph. Then can try kh and gh. cheers
  12. bullit

    What Type Of Cichlid Is This?

    prob a malawi hybrid
  13. bullit

    New Tanganyikan Tank - Stock Suggestions

    what do you like the look of? cheers
  14. bullit

    Soon To Be Setup

    ,<---------------Green rocks are cool, ;) . Gives them plenty to much on. cheers
  15. bullit

    Soon To Be Setup

    I cant help with stocking but id advice to go for a natural rock. Its looks more natural and looks good when algae starts to grow over it. Your holey rock will go all green and not look great. cheers
  16. bullit

    Stressed Shelly ( I Think)

    Hey star. As i said he did have a female so your prob right. Having brevis aswell they would more that likely cross breed.. Unfortunately they dont come up very often. I remember seeing some at wharf aquatics a while back but just checked there site and they havent now. cheers
  17. bullit

    Leptosoma No Colour

    You should see colour on the males at 3 inch