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  1. Gkat66

    Vote Now! April 2022 Tank of the Month (17-30 US gallons)

    This is my 20 gallon planted , started in early Feb. 2022 Filtration is an Aquaclear 70 Lights are Nicrew SkyLED X 2 Substrate is Fluval Stratum capped with black gravel Heater is a Marineland 100 W Parameters , Ammonia 0 , Nitrites 0 , Nitrates 0 , PH 7 Plants , Anubias , Banana plants ...
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    20 tank.jpg

  3. Gkat66

    Dream Plecos,

    Love mine !
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  5. Gkat66

    Shrimp with a pleco

    I have a Blue Phantom pleco in a heavily planted tank with lots of hiding places. I would like to add some cherry shrimp , but I'm worried about the pleco eating them .
  6. Gkat66

    New L128

    Settling in quite well , but they are hard to get good pictures of.
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  9. Gkat66

    Wild vs Domestic

    I have had fish imported from Thailand several times and have gotten lucky every time . I have gone through Aquabids and Ebay , most recently from a breeder on Ebay. One thing you have to know when importing , you must go through a transhipper. I use Linda Olson , she is awesome to work with ...
  10. Gkat66

    Removing silicone from glass

    I've used these for years to clean up tanks , not while there are fish inside , for that I use cut up pieces of green filter pads.
  11. Gkat66

    Removing silicone from glass

    Can get these where you live , they won't scratch the glass, it's what I use to get the film off.
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  13. Gkat66

    Removing silicone from glass

    Yes Goo gone does work ,but it's very risky . The problem is it seems to migrate to where you don't want it to go . If even a little goo gone gets on the seals it can weaken the bond.
  14. Gkat66

    Coming soon - Pet of the Month featuring "Pet Pals"

    These are my dear sweet late friends Dodge the Golden and Boom the cat. They grew up together Boom was brought to me as a 5 day old kitten that had been abandoned by her mother , her eyes were still closed. I bottle fed her every 2 hours and had to use a warm wet washcloth to help her potty. As...
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    D and B.jpg

  16. Gkat66

    Coming soon - Pet of the Month featuring "Pet Pals"

    I would love to enter this however my dog and his cat passed away within a month of each other this past fall. Can I still submit a video but agree that it shouldn't be voted on ?
  17. Gkat66

    Removing silicone from glass

    The short answer is yes to the difficult job and scratches. I have resealed tanks and made my own custom sumps, removing silicon can be a nightmare . If you decide to go ahead with the job remove as much as possible by pulling it off with your fingernails before you use a razor blade . Sometimes...
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  19. Gkat66

    Vote Now! - March 2022 Tank of the Month Contest (16 US gal & smaller)

    10 gal. planted started 01/16 /22 Future Betta home Used Marineland aquarium ( I've had this tank over 10 years, it has a few scratches ) Mix of RO water and well water ( no softener ) Added Brightwell Micro bacter starter Filtration , Eheim Classic 250 canister filled with ceramic media , green...
  20. Gkat66

    How long have you been part the hobby and what is the scale of your involvement in it?

    I grew up in a fish household , my father had the addiction before I was born, with over 20 tanks. Some of my first memories are of pretty fish , humming air pumps and gurgling bubblers. Every weekend we would load up the car with coolers and visit fish stores. When I had my four boys we always...