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  1. Naughtygirlrlw

    New Oscar!

    Awww such a sweetie, he's gorgeous! :wub: He looks like a Henry or an Olaf, don't know why! :P
  2. Naughtygirlrlw

    My Babies

    I'm so sorry for your loss, may she rest in peace :byebye: I second the nom for Minty-such a sweet lil' mini bun :wub: :wub:
  3. Naughtygirlrlw

    Dogs And A Pet Sheep

    A pet sheep! How adorable :wub: Do your parents have a farm?
  4. Naughtygirlrlw

    Oscar Wont Eat Anything But Meat

    My 2 oscars prefer flakes over pellets, believe me they get enough of the flakes to sustain them. Oscars never really get "full" they'd probably eat until they exploded-lil' piggies. Give him a day or two with no food and he should accept the pellets. Remember variety is the spice of life and...
  5. Naughtygirlrlw

    Peru - Dogs

    Wow, gorgeous pics!
  6. Naughtygirlrlw

    New Plecs

    I'm not big on plecs but they're very pretty :nod:
  7. Naughtygirlrlw

    Be4 And After

    Nice, I like the new gravel much better. :good:
  8. Naughtygirlrlw

    Divider Killed My Newest Betta :(

    I know you said no offence but how should this comment be taken by the OP? To me it's nothing more than shooting someone when they're already down on their mistake. I'm sure it won't happen again but your comment is really uncalled for.
  9. Naughtygirlrlw

    New Dallas Picture

    She looks so shiny and gorgeous! :wub:
  10. Naughtygirlrlw

    Trout As Food ?

    I have given my bettas sturgeon and tuna, never had any problems but it was just plain fish-no oils, spices or anything else. Also just as a once in awhile treat never as a regular part of their diet.
  11. Naughtygirlrlw

    Piercings! Who's Got What?

    I've got 6 tattoos, 5 ear piercings, nose, tongue and all my naughty bits and bobs.
  12. Naughtygirlrlw

    Is Your Favourite Species?

    Oscars :wub: I love mine to pieces! (not literally :P)
  13. Naughtygirlrlw

    Complete This Sentence...

    Before I got Serpae Tetras, I wish someone would have told me that that they have zero personality. (yes I know that they're fish but boy are they dreadfully dull, boring, and seem to dislike me with a passion!) Just goes to show that you should research, research, research before you go LFSing :S
  14. Naughtygirlrlw

    Sasha Died Today.

    Poor SuzieQ, you must be devastated. I am so, so sorry for your loss and will keep you in my prayers. :byebye: RIP Sasha, you were greatly loved and will be greatly missed.
  15. Naughtygirlrlw

    Adult Swim

    Robot Chicken, The Venture Brothers, The Boondocks, Futurama. Gotta love late night TV! :nod:
  16. Naughtygirlrlw

    Thinking Green

    I use fish water to water all my house plants, then spring through fall I use it to water my outdoor garden and plants. Fish keeping wise I don't conserve/recycle much more than water but I do recycle glass, plastic, cans, and paper. I also bought and reuse cloth shopping bags for grocery...
  17. Naughtygirlrlw

    3 New Rescue Ferrets

    So cute, I love them! How old are they?
  18. Naughtygirlrlw

    Bunch Of Random Kitty Pics

    Gorgeous kitties! :wub: Giorgio loves pony tail holders too, it's fun to watch him flinging it around :lol:
  19. Naughtygirlrlw

    My Great Danes

    Beautiful dogs, they're both so gorgeous! :wub:
  20. Naughtygirlrlw

    My Dachshund

    She looks like a sweetie :wub: