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  1. Imogen

    Stocking Tank

    Heya, I know they're different types of Gourami to yours but I have two honey Gourami in the same tank as a female guppy and they don't seem to interact much if at all? Like you said, just keep an eye out on the first few days :) good luck and sorry for you loss to Ich! :/
  2. Imogen

    Corydoras Eggs?

    Cories go a cream colour, (maybe a hint of yellow in some breeds I don't know) if they're fertilised and should get noticable black dots where eyes are inside the eggs as they develop. Best bet is to get a very finely meshed breeders net and place the eggs in there. Get a good flow of water into...
  3. Imogen

    Black Pets At Home Sand..?

    Oh right! Silly me, it was probably brown sand i was thinking of! Sorry about that :) Is there any other substrate you prefer?? Cheers!
  4. Imogen

    Will Guppy Fry Eat Cory Eggs?

    Actually, I think your idea is better, if i was to do it the way you suggest, would you just put all the eggs from the main tank to the straight into the fry tank an leave them or let them hatch in a breeders net then transfer them? Might give it a go!  Cheers Fluttermoth 
  5. Imogen

    Will Guppy Fry Eat Cory Eggs?

    I usually raise them in the breeders net in the parent tank and when they're a bit bigger I release them into their own tank, simply because i usually have a couple of different age stage cory babies going at the same time and i find the older cory fry eat the smaller ones! My lasers have been...
  6. Imogen

    Black Pets At Home Sand..?

    Is this suitable for aqua scaping??  I'm planning my first aqua scape, it's a 8 litre tank (very small) so what sort of plants would you suggest, i was thinking bog wood with moss and carpet plants..? Thanks Imogen. 
  7. Imogen

    This Present Is A Stocking Nightmare!

    Thanks for the link mtbdean! Very helpful! Would it be outrageous to keep a single guppy fry in it until it big enough to be added to the main tank??  Thanks again! 
  8. Imogen

    This Present Is A Stocking Nightmare!

    So my Dad just came home with a 'Betta Cube Mini, Acrylic Aquarium' for me. I've measured it and it comes to 220mm x 17mm x 22mm which is about 8 litres (i think..?). Now the question is: Can i put anything in this tiny tank other than shrimp?  Thanks Imogen.   
  9. Imogen

    Will Guppy Fry Eat Cory Eggs?

    So, either my Lasers, Bronze or Panda cories have spawned but i have nowhere to put the eggs except in the breeders net .However I already have one, 1 week old Guppy fry in the breeders net atm. Will the guppy fry eat the eggs?? Or the Cory fry when they hatch?? Cheers, Imogen. 
  10. Imogen

    What Pets Do You Have?

    Now: - 1 Chocolate Labrador (Maisie) - 2 Burmese Kittens (Squidge and Pudding) - 1 Siamese Kitten (Lady) - 4 Gerbils (Noah, Ralph, Ned, Moses) - 3 Hamsters (Walter, Betty, Archie) - 2 Giant african Land Snails - 4 Zebra Mice (Leo, Tyron, Pip, Brian)  - 20+ Indian Stick insects - 2 Goats (Rambo...
  11. Imogen

    Dog And Mouse

    Awwh your dog is so cute! always wanted a jack russel!!
  12. Imogen

    Which Fish Can Be Kept With Guppies And Platys?

    Heya, what size tank are you upgrading to? 
  13. Imogen

    Is This Guppy Pregnant? Got A Photo :)

    It's a 120 litre planted tank. 10 neon tetra, 2 honey gourami,  1 guppy and 6 Panda Cory. I've just bought a 180 litre tank which I'm doing a fishless cycle at the moment, so i will put any future male fry in that tank and any female can stay in the 120 tank or go to a friends tank.  Sorry about...
  14. Imogen

    Is This Guppy Pregnant? Got A Photo :)

    Very good point, Thanks!
  15. Imogen

    My New 200L Tank Log

    Great Tank, very jealous! 
  16. Imogen

    Is This Guppy Pregnant? Got A Photo :)

    Thanks, that was great! As for separating, if i wanted to put her in a breeders box when should i do it?  Cheers!
  17. Imogen

    Is This Guppy Pregnant? Got A Photo :)

    Also, how far would you say she is off giving birth (if she is pregnant) Just to work out when to put her in the breeder box :) Cheers!
  18. Imogen

    Is This Guppy Pregnant? Got A Photo :)

    Hi, i bought one female guppy just over a month ago and since then it has gotten rather rounded. I'm guessing she is pregnant but i thought i'd post a picture so you guys could confirm it or other wise   If she is pregnant i have no idea what to do!! Especially because i don't have room for any...
  19. Imogen

    Baby Panda(S?)

    They're so adorable! It's fascinating watching them grow to adults from babies