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    Help! Ich

    Great, thanks. Will do this. Actually the room temp during the day goes to 40 deg C and at night to 30degC. So the heater does not need to do much at all.
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    Help! Ich

    So I got 2 new glofish tetra about 3 days ago and today one of them had Ich on its fins. The earlier Ich outbreak had just cleared and all fish survived. Now I have the same thing again. Will my older fish again get the disease, having recovered just about a week - 10 days back? Or have they...
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    Help! Ich

    After my recent experience, I would vouch for the heat treatment without salt for the tetras. My fish look healthy and happy now.
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    Help! Ich

    My fish are surely improving. Its been 10 full days since I first saw the white spots and 8 days since I turned on the heater at 31C. No white spots / mucous etc can be seen now. The reduced / nipped fin on one tetra has improved considerably. As suggested, I will keep the heater on for another...
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    Help! Ich

    This may very well be true. The other purple fish has been bullying this one and not even letting him eat food. So today I trapped the dominant one in the net and then the other ate. As you suggested, lets wait and watch.
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    Help! Ich

    The yellow ones are the ones that got ich first. Both look quite fine now. One purple fish has some creamy stuff on its fins and the other one doesnt have that creamy stuff but its fins have reduced quite a lot. Should I add normal iodised or non iodised salt? Do I add any salt again or just...
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    Help! Ich

    Doing that. Also did 50% water change and gravel vacuum yesterday
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    Help! Ich

    Out of the 4 tetras, 3 (2 new ones and 1 older one) look better today. Cant see white spots anywhere on the fish, only some (much reduced) creamy stuff / mucous on their fins. The fish that still does not look good has its fins reduced. I am still keeping the water temperature above 30C.
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    Help! Ich

    Okay thanks. Will do today
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    Help! Ich

    Today I see fin rot starting in some fish
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    Help! Ich

    Today the fish were looking a bit different and the older ones (deep pink / purple ones) also looked a bit different. It's clear that the disease has affected the older 2 fish as well. The white spots are not that clear any longer. The fins have a smudged look... like mould growing on them...
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