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  1. D34DLY

    Aquarium Bulbs

    "sunlight mimicking bulbs".   Although you may be referring to colour temperatures and alike, I noticed you mentioned "reptile bulbs" too. Just in case you may be talking about UVB bulbs (which are required for reptiles) - I do not know of any aquarium plants which benefit from UVB bulbs.   I...
  2. D34DLY

    Help With Washing New Gravel?

    I cleaned my sand (I know you have gravel), by pouring tiny amounts in to a bucket of water. With several vigorous stirs in the sand, I would empty the bucket of the cloudy water and refill it. I did this several times with each amount of sand until the water leaving the bucket was acceptable...
  3. D34DLY

    Stocking A 75 Gallon (291Litres) Tank

    Hey guys!   So I need help for stocking suggestions (those who had helped a few months ago may recognise me. I'm back again, but this time have a few measurements changed. :) )   Here is my tap water quality:    Anyway, I need some ideas on what fish I should stock. I would like a community...
  4. D34DLY

    Suggestions On Water Flow In Tall Aquarium

    Sorry, I don't understand?
  5. D34DLY

    Suggestions On Water Flow In Tall Aquarium

    Hi,.   So let me begin by apologising if this is in the wrong section. I wasn't too sure, but presumed this to be quite a basic question (shame I've ran out of ideas!) so placed it here.   Anyway, I have a custom made aquarium, at 60cm tall, 54cm deep and 76cm long, this one is quite unique.  ...
  6. D34DLY

    Discouraged And Confused - Can't Keep Fish Alive

      Hey there!, First off let me begin by welcoming you to the hobby! :) Although your losses are unfortunate, they provide you the chance to learn from you mistakes and ensure you know what to do should this occur next time. As I have pointed out at the beginning of my reply, you mentioned a...
  7. D34DLY

    Help With A Silva Tip Emergencie

    Great to hear :)
  8. D34DLY

    Help With A Silva Tip Emergencie

    Hey there, fellow UK-er! :)   As with any possible infection, medication should be applied in a quarantine tank.   Some would argue this induces additional stress however.
  9. D34DLY

    Stocking A 59 Us Gallon Freshwater Aquarium

    The tank will be viewed from perhaps only 1 metre away (in my bedroom).   I don't really have a favour colour (strange - I know!), but I am leaning towards some schooling fish and one or two different fish. (i.e 15 Neon Tetras + 1 Pearl Gourami + 1 BN Pleco) Just for an example.   If I do have a...
  10. D34DLY

    Stocking A 59 Us Gallon Freshwater Aquarium

    Hey Guys,   So I'm not new to the scene of fish keeping, but this is by far the largest design I've done. So due to a lack of knowledge in fish species, I need some help with what to choose!   I currently have a tank which is: 222 litres (58.6 US Gallons) It's filter is the: Tetratec EX1200...
  11. D34DLY

    200L Stocking Advice

    Hi, I have a 222 litre tank, and have done a lot of research on stocking. I will be paying close attention to this thread, see if any fish interest me! :)   One thing to note though, that Galaxy Rasbora (also known as "Celestial Pearl Danios") are very small, even for a schooling fish(an easy...
  12. D34DLY

    How Strong Is The Lighting In My Aquarium?

    Oh right. Well due to money, I do not plan on injecting CO2 for awhile. Will it be fine if I just purchase some floating plants to lower the light levels a bit and reduce algae?
  13. D34DLY

    How Strong Is The Lighting In My Aquarium?

    That's fine! I want to try and add some height with plants anyway, rather than add them to the bottom! :)   May I ask how you worked this out?
  14. D34DLY

    How Strong Is The Lighting In My Aquarium?

    Hi,   So I have this light:   Wattage: 96w Bulb: T5 Number of Bulbs: 4   Vertical distance from substrate: Around 60cm Aquarium size: 222 litres (58.6 US Gallons)...
  15. D34DLY

    Brand New & Boxed Tetra Tec Ex1200 External Filter

    Bit late on that one Nick ^_^
  16. D34DLY

    Leaking Tank | Cabinet Swollen & Locked Closed | Emergency!

    Haha :) Well it was all thanks to the intelligent structure I guess (6 vertical supports in a 76cm space)
  17. D34DLY

    Leaking Tank | Cabinet Swollen & Locked Closed | Emergency!

    Alright guys...    So the doors had long enough to dry out - what was it, like 2 weeks?   They were still just as wedged as Day 1 as Day 14.    So with the help of some heavy hammers, screwdrivers, and an attitude which no longer cared - the doors were smashed to smithereens. (After checking for...
  18. D34DLY

    Need Assistance - Planted Tank

    Back in the good old days, I used to walk into aquatic shops and just point and say "I like that plant? How much? Ok. I'll have it." I never researched, I just blamed the shop when it died.   However, now I know a thing or two about the plants I have realised the error of ways. Not only that...