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    Need help with a struggling 125g planted tank

    99% sure this is not Cyanobacteria. I’ve dealt with that before. This is not slimey at all, and does not appear on any surface other than plant leaves. It also seems more etched into the leaves. Like I am unable to rub it off at all. I don’t know that it’s Cyanobacteria. I’ve dealt With that...
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    Need help with a struggling 125g planted tank

    So I’ve had this tank set up since the winter and can’t seem to get things to go right. I’ve got fluval stratum substrate, 2 fluval 3.0 lights, an fx6 filter, and pressurized co2. I had been using thrive all in 1 fertilizer, but recently switched to the GLA dry ferts about 2 weeks ago. For...