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    What’s Wrong w my Monte Carlo?

    Yea I will end up using CO2. I’ll try to split the plugs apart more. Thanks for the advice!
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    What’s Wrong w my Monte Carlo?

    Hello, I am trying to DSM some monte carlo for the first time. I bought potted MC from buceplant and currently have them in a 10 G almost fully wrapped (corners are open for exchange) and under high light for 12 hours with misting 2-3 times a day. However, it seems like some of the plants are...
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    Help: Monte Carlo doing awful

    Hello! I have a problem with some Monte Carlo I recently got. My dad bought some Monte Carlo from a local fish dealer for pretty cheap. The Monte Carlo looked kinda pale when he first brought it but insisted we plant it in his beta aquarium. It’s been about 4 days and the Monte Carlo honestly...
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    How would I redo a tank?

    Hi! Ive been into the fish hobby for about two years and have two tanks. I was thinking of redoing my first 10g tank as it definitely could use some more natural hard scape and some plants. However, I still have Neon tetras in the tank. How should I go about redoing the tank? Would it be ok for...
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    Betta hurt? What should I do?

    Ok thanks a ton! Hopefully my betta will feel better soon!
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    Betta hurt? What should I do?

    Ok I’ll keep that in mind. Should I do a water change incase this might be a cause of the symptom?
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    Betta hurt? What should I do?

    Yes I’ve put fertilizer for plants and melafix for the betta. Should I have not done that?
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    Betta hurt? What should I do?

    Ok when I head to the store tomorrow I’ll grab some hornwort! Any other plant recommendations for bettas?
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    Betta hurt? What should I do?

    I’ve been doing 30% water changes daily to help him heal his fins. Nitrate:0 Nitrite:0 PH:6.5 KH:80 GH:120 Ammonia:0 I have a preset heater set at 78 degrees.
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    Betta hurt? What should I do?

    Should the white spots be any sign of alarm?
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    Betta hurt? What should I do?

    Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! I woke up to feed my betta but he seemed very lethargic and I’m now starting to see some white spots on him along with some scratched skin (see photos). The white spots make me think it might be ick but I’m not sure about the scratches. It might also be...
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