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    Is this a healthy environment for a snail?

    I will be adding real plants and its a ceramic pot (with glaze)
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    Is this a healthy environment for a snail?

    Okay thank you so much. Im very excited now :)
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    Is this a healthy environment for a snail?

    I do have aquarium salt that I use in my guppy tank to raise the hardness. Also there is no heater, so the temperature would be room temperature (I live in Australia also, so it is quite warm at times).
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    Is this a healthy environment for a snail?

    Hi, So recently I ventured in making a cute little tank for decoration purposes. I wasn't planning on putting anything in there like fish, however I was recently thinking of adding a snail. Although I was wondering if it was a valid environment, not having a filter or heater and it only being...
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    Moving Pregnant Cherry Shrimp

    Yeah I already have java moss and other plants for the shrimp. Also I do feed the shrimp/guppies peas and zucchini, which the guppies go crazy for and swim to the bottom to eat. Thank you so much for your feed back :)
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    Moving Pregnant Cherry Shrimp

    Thank you! I suppose I won't bother moving her and just let nature take its course :)
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    Moving Pregnant Cherry Shrimp

    Hi everybody, A couple of days ago I found out that one of my female berried cherry shrimp is pregnant. This is my first time experiencing this so I have a few questions. 1. I have a heavily planted tank, with five guppies (who are very curious about the shrimp and usually scavenge for food down...
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    How to clean substrate in planted aquariums?

    okay, thank you so much. I feel like a gravel cleaner would be too hard to use in such a heavily planted aquarium, and I also have little cherry shrimp that I don't want to get sucked up. And about the pH, I have a powder pH neutraliser that I've added to my aquarium. Also heres the picture of...
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    How to clean substrate in planted aquariums?

    Okay, thank you so much. So I don't really need to get into the substrate and clean it and this won't affect the guppies? Also, what are some ways in which I can raise the pH?
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    How to clean substrate in planted aquariums?

    Hi, I've recently brought a 40 litre, already planted fish tank off gumtree (Australian buy and sell website, kinda like eBay only more local). It is a very heavily planted fish tank, that has 5 guppies (all male) and 1 fry (also a guppy) and is also infested with tiny snails (yikes I know, but...


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    HELP!! Catfish fighting?

    I have two sucking catfish in my 20 litre tank. One of the sucking catfish always seems to annoy the other by sucking on it or chasing it around. It makes my catfish ( the one getting bullied ) very stressed and I need a quick solution before it gets too stressed and dies. The grey one if the...
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    Gobies wiping out my shrimp

    Its very common for gobies to eat shrimp whether theyre babies or adults. So in my opinion it isnt the best to put them together.
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    This website might help on ulcers:
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    Does my Fish Have Dropsy??

    So I was wondering whether or not my zebra danio has dropsy or if it's just over weight. The fish doesnt have pineconing scales and seems perfectly fine other than his protuding stomach. When it comes to eating, the fish devours all the food and steals it from other fish. Hes always seems to...